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Wednesday 06.26.13


Wednesday 06.26.13

Ok , so only a couple of days until we are officially open to the public and start running a full schedule. I have a lot to get out but will only focus on two things today. Our computer program is now live. Some of you guys saw me putting information into the I- pad today. A few things I’m going to need from you. 1st if everyone can do me a favor and please continue to RSVP (coming tab) for the classes each day, it honestly take 5 sec and you can actually put the app onto your phone. I want to say you can RSVP 5 days in advance. I know the classes aren’t that full yet, but besides this helping me prepare for programming, It also will help us when it comes to running the gym in many different ways. 2nd I need to get everyone into our program, this includes filling out your health assessment, waiver, and a couple other things. It will all be done electronically on the i-pad. I wish you could just do it online, but as of now that is not possible. So if you can feel free to get to class a little early to get this going. For any of you that plan on starting July 1st, It would really help me out if you stopped by or met with me prior so we can get you all set up in our system. So….maybe there was more than 2 things. Please notice our upcoming events tab. I will be keeping this updated with any upcoming events or classes available that are out of our normal daily wods. Again we appreciate all the support and patience from everyone.If you have any recommendations, concerns, complaints, write your congress men, haha just kidding please e-mail me at I do value your opinion. Looking forward to having the gym all set up, so we can start having fun.



Prep Work:

3 Rounds

5 banded pull apart

5 banded dislocates

5 banded overhead squats

Strength: Everyone does this

Press 10,10,10,10+

rest 3 minutes between sets

-Post weight to comments

I know you guys are probably wondering when we will be doing Push Jerks and Split Jerks!!! Its coming I promise, you all know how much I love Olympic Lifts, just be patient.

Conditioning: Choose one based on how your body is feeling today.

Option# 1

Amrap in 8 min:

3 double kettlebell push jerks

3 toes to bars

6 Double KB push jerks

6 T2B

(etc… increase by 3 per round)

No heavier than 53/35

If you can’t do toes to bar do we will work on a progression for you don’t worry.

– Post weight used to comments and what round + reps you got into.

Option #2

“Panic Breathing”

Team WOD (2 partners)

The team will perform a 5-1 row. Alternating one after the other, partners will perform time trial rows: 500/500, 400/400, 300/300, 200/200, 100/100. Every row is to be performed at MAX intensity. While one partner is rowing, the other will be “resting.”

The “rest” is completed with two kettlebells in the rack* position (53/35). The “resting” partner will rack the bells at the beginning of their partner’s row and will unrack them at the end of the row. Unracking of bells before the end of the row results in a 5 burpee penalty for every offense.

Post your time for your 500m time / nubmer of penalties and total time.

Cool Down:


Scorpion Stretch 10(5/L 5/R)

Banded Hamstring Stretch





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