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Friday 06.14.13


Friday 06.14.13

Hi everyone, so as you can probably tell I am posting from our new website today. We have been meaning to update everyone on the progress of what we have been doing. These last couple months have been pretty busy for Jose and me, running classes from home, working fulltime and in between getting all sort off paper work and licensing, trying to find a place that we thought would be good for everyone.  After a lot of hard work we finally got a location right off of 36th and Nob Hill. We are officially an actual CrossFit Affiliate and after a lot of thought decided to go with CrossFit Reformation. With this being said we want to thank everyone for the continued support. We still have a lot of work to do but are confident that within the next couple weeks things will start coming together.

So what now? We are currently getting the place fixed up for business, and if everything goes as planned, within 3 weeks we should be fully up and running (we will keep you updated). So how big is the place? The place including the bathroom, shower, lobby, etc. is 5200 sq ft. The actual place that we will be using to workout is approximately 4200 sq ft.

A lot of people are wondering what the cost will be, we will be rolling that out here by the end of next week. We are doing our best to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules so we ask to be patient with us. Again we appreciate all the support and we are excited to serve all of you.

Go and like our new Facebook page. We will now be running everything through this website and our new Facebook page.

Here is a picture of what the place looks like.



Prep Work:

3×5 Band Pull Aparts

3×6 Lunge  Banded Dislocates


Kettle Bell Work:

6 Rounds- Not for time

5 push jerks

8 diggers 4/L 4/R click here for demo

*Let your technique dictate how heavy  you go.

-Post weight used to comments.


Simple Sets:

3 rounds hollow rocks

30 sec on 30 sec off


Ring Strict Pullups

1-2-3-1-2-1-2-3. These are to be performed as you go i go.


Cool Down:

800m jog


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    1. jramos1808

      I am headed to Vancouver to pick up the pull-up rig.. My brother and a couple other people are there today or if you want to stop by tomorrow… I am sure we could use your hand.

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