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Competitive Fitness 09.15.15


Competitive Fitness 09.15.15

Prep Work
Shoulder mobility

2X10 KB Push press
PROGRAM NOTE – This week we will be doing some testing to get baseline data to utilize in our next and final full cycle of 2015. Please give your full effort in each of these testing sessions and be sure to report your scores. The next cycle’s emphasis will be heavily influenced on what we see in the testing results this week. Thank you!
Workout of the Day


Every two minutes, for 16 minutes (8 sets) of:

Jerk Dip + Power Jerk with a Pause + Jerk with a Pause @ 70-80% of 1-RM Jerk

(dip and hold the bottom of the dip position for 2 seconds, and then drive – hold the receiving position of both the power jerk and the jerk for 2 seconds as well)
Focus should be on perfect footworks and mechanics – don’t increase weight if those aren’t dialed in.

Take 20 minutes to find your 2-RM Bench Press
Movement Standard – Your butt must remain on the bench throughout the lift.

For max reps:

3 Minutes of Double-Unders

Complete as many reps as possible in 3 minutes of:

Legless Rope Climbs to 15′ Target
(DO NOT SCALE THIS…if you are unable to perform this, simply sit out the first 3 minutes and note your score as zero.
Rest 60 seconds until the running clock hits 4:00, and then…
Complete as many reps as possible in 3 minutes of:

Rope Climbs to 15′ Target (with legs)
Optional Additional Conditioning Session

(This session is best performed 3-4 hours prior to or following today’s primary session.)
For time:

Row 5000 meters
Cool Down


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