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Competition Day 02.01.14


Competition Day 02.01.14

I have to admit I am pretty excited for our first in-house gym competition tomorrow. If you are competing or judging please show up at 8:15. We will go over the workout and heat assignment and the standards for the workout.  You will  have some time to warm up and kick off is at 9am we should be done and having some food around noon.  For many of you this is your first competition and being nervous is normal. Everyone of you will deal with it differently but whatever you do don’t talk yourself out of not doing it. You have performed every one of these workout or something similar in front of your peers  so there is nothing to be worried about. Come ready to have some fun and treat it at just another Saturday.


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  1. Jonathan Douglas

    Well my lungs have yet to start feeling good again … was that Fran or Helen, either way, both of those ladies have had their way with me. In terms of the competition, for my first once, can’t like my nerves were quite on edge, it was a good feel. Sleep well … that’ll be for tonight.

    Otherwise, thank you and congratulations both to all the competitors. Thank you judges for keeping us in line. Spectators the push was so, so needed, lastly, Reformation staff … that’s whats up! Awesome work, and great job with programming.

    From today, successfully added about 20 solid pounds to snatch PR, next time going for the full snatch. 205 is attainable, C/J -245, 260 will come soon enough. shaved a minute off of my Helen PR, Clint, Gabe and Daniel i’m sniffing you guys out.

    Now to work on chest-kipping-shoulder shrugging seizures I have on the bar that I call pull ups! 🙂 Have a good Saturday everyone.

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