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Competitive 12.02.13


Competitive 12.02.13

From Coach B-

Are you an athlete looking for more sport specific training in CrossFit? Here is an option, Now available for our competitive athletes and anybody else interested-this Monday starts the first day of our new additional programming. We will be using different methods from other established training programs and of course in-house programming. In this period we will be using more technical movements, and a much heavier/ larger amount of volume. Which brings me to a very important piece, TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODIES. Mobility and recovery are essential. This is optional training I do ask if you do choose to commit to training give it at the minimum 3 weeks. If at any point you feel as if you are worn down and need to recover. Please do! listen to your body. If you are on any specific diets I suggest that you make sure you are eating enough to make sure you can keep up on calories.

I am excited to see how everybody progresses with this if you guys have any questions please contact your coaches immediately.

***These workouts will most likely take more than the hour-long class it is very important that you move efficiently through class. Come in to class with percentages and numbers already in hand, If you need to break up the portions into AM and PM sessions that is fine. Make sure you are taking at least 1 Full day of rest per week. Active recovery is a good choice but just remember rest is just as important as training.

Prep Work:
2Rds of
50Ft squat and walk
10 Pass throughs

Olympic Lifting:
6 sets of
Halting Snatch Deadlift + Snatch Pull + Power Snatch + Snatch
Rest 2-3 minutes

Over the course of 8 sets, build to a 90-95% of 1-RM Split Jerk


Back Squat
* Set 1 – 5 reps @ 80% of 1-RM
* Set 2 – 3 reps @ 85-90%
* Set 3 – 1 rep @ 90-95%
* Sets 4-6 – 10 reps @ 65-75%
Rest 2 minutes between sets.

ACC work:
Pull Up challenge-Chin up grip (Supinated Grip)

Cool Down:
1k Row

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9 Responses

  1. BoomBoom

    6 sets of snatch complex at: 45,65,95,115,135,145
    Split jerk from rack: 145,165,185,205(Was running low on time)
    Backsquat: 245×5, 265×5, 295×1, 185×10,205×10, 205×10

  2. Prep Work: Done
    Olympic Lifting:

    Snatch got up to 175, failed 185, went into a squat.
    Jerk got up to 265 90% in 6-7 sets and moved on to the squats
    Squat: messed up my first set did my first set at 315×3, 315×3, 345×1, 3×10 @ 245 last set felt horrible.

    Cool down done.

    Felt good overall.

  3. Judith

    The 3×10 of back squats were the worse! Lol I stay at 85 for the snatch. PR at the jerk at 150…. Ooohhh yeah…. Go hawks..!!!! Totally beast mode today.. Hehe

  4. Sarah H

    I am so going to do this competitive thing! – I am planning to learn lots – Thank You to both my awesome Coaches!
    Today – 35lbs- snatches and Jerks(!) 90lbs. Five
    95 lbs. three
    105lbs. One
    75lbs. Ten x3
    20 pull ups
    100 crunches
    1000 m row

  5. B-

    Snatch complex hit 185 and felt good missed the last set on the power sn. At 195 but still caught it in a full. Felt good still.

    Jerks went up to 255 and did that for 2 sets. Got my issues with my back and it’s always a struggle.

    Squats felt heavy!!!!!!!! 275 for the sets of ten were humbling

  6. sandra

    Snatch stopped at 90#, split jerk 95% 140, squat x5 80% 165, x3 175; 185, 3×10 at 155. My legs are jello. I need to work on the speed of my tempo too slow on the way down. Thanks Marcos an d Brenden great coaching. X7 pull ps 1k row 3:35

  7. HeatherD

    Felt good to practice snatch technique. Last rep I pulled back enough to land it balanced. 65lbs.
    Squats were great. Legs n butt are tired.

  8. Jonathan Douglas

    Those were alot of squats, I can honestly say i can remember the last time i did 30 reps @ 275 as a finisher. Just noticed also, Maxes are interesting, I’d much rather go in on a max lift, than do multiples at between 85-95% … oh well. Some more snatch work will be good, and need to get this elbow pain figured out on the old Jerk!

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