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Competitive Fitness 01.06.14


Competitive Fitness 01.06.14

***Reminder*** this Saturday will be our second annual In Gym Winter Throwdown, sign up will be closed this Wednesday. We are not charging anything for this competition, but have come across a opportunity to help out some family friends that are going through some hard times. I know that any donation will help. To donate (click here)

Here is a little write-up.

On Sunday, November 2nd, little Warrior Princess, Kiara, was taken to the hospital where it was discovered that a tumor had formed on her cerebellum.  Kiara was immediately signed up for surgery and one of the biggest battles of her life, brain cancer. 

This battle will be long and it will be costly. Her parents, Keren and Jeremiah, have devoted their lives to helping others. They are self-employed helping people reach their goals and become fulfilled physically and spiritually. They have touched numerous lives with their sound advice and absolute devotion to God.  They are struggling now to find ways to cover medical costs and care for their three children. Now we have the opportunity to bless them and their dear daughter as she fights this terrible disease.” For more information (click here).

Don’t forget our 12 week Transformation Challenge starts next Monday. (click here) for more information.

Prep work
Personal mobility spend 5-7 min

Workout of the Day
Three sets, not for time, of:
Dip to Upper Arm Support x 8-10 reps
(if you don’t have access to parallel bars, these can be performed on jerk blocks or stacked boxes)
Nose-to-Wall Handstand Hold x 45-60 seconds
Double-Unders x 40-50 reps
Every minute, on the minute, for 12 minutes:
Snatch with 3 second hold x 1 rep @ 70-75%
Perform a snatch focusing on perfect speed and mechanics, receive at the bottom of your overhead squat and hold their for 3 full seconds before standing up with the load.
Every 4 minutes, for 24 minutes (6 sets):
Row 250 Meters
10 Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″)
15 Strict Ring Dips
Keep your ring dips legit – full depth and full elbow extension. Note times for each set. If any set takes more than 3 minutes, reduce the number of ring dips to keep your sets under 3:00.
Three sets, not for time, of:
Face Down Chinese Planks x 60 seconds
Rest as needed
Reverse Snow Angels x 10-12 reps
(perform these slow and controlled)
Rest as needed

Cool down
Post results

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4 Responses

  1. A.
    Arm to supports feelling better
    nose to wall 60 sec
    doubles hit 50 each round
    Only used 145lbs just felt really tight and slow with this… Last one finally felt good.. Could have used more time to warm up, but didn’t have time.
    Did 50 sec on the AirDyne because all the rowers were being used…. I think my times would have been slower on the rower.
    Burpees felt good for the most part… My dips started to struggle last couple rounds…. Was able to get 15 each round.
    1. 2:10
    got it done.

    Overall good day.


  2. B-

    A- felt good shoulder were a little tight from yesterday
    8 on the dip supports, :60 on the HS and 50 for DU’s

    B. Took me a little longer than I wanted to get the weight moving but got to 175 and hit all 12 min. Catapult style still feels way better then triple ext.

    C. No rowers were available so I subbed it out for :50 on the airdyne at about 85% effort, burpee box jump overs were fine and dips felt good majority of the sets I did in 5,3,3,2,2.
    2:19, 2:23, 2:21, 2:26, 2:24, 2:29.

    D.done upper back was fatigued in a good way

  3. Tina

    A) Russian dips – 2 each round…I wanted to practice these more

    Nose to wall handstand hold

    Doubles – 40 reps

    B) 95lbs for snatch

    C) row times were 1:00 min
    10 burpee box jump overs
    Did 6 ring dips each round…started with strict dips then started kipping

    Feel like my dips are coming around 🙂

    D) Chinese planks
    And reverse snow angels

  4. A. Used my toes on the Russian Dip x 2 / 30 second hold / 40 DU
    B. 85#
    C. 1 min rows / 10 burpee over box slow as shit / 5-4-3-3-3-3 dips red band

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