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Competitive Fitness 01.10.14


Competitive Fitness 01.10.14

Just want to remind everyone that February 1st we will be having our in-house gym competition. We would love for everyone to participate. It will consist of two lifts plus one WOD. This is only open to members and will be workouts that everyone can do. Sign up at the gym. We will start at 9 and will have a potluck afterward. Hope to see you all there.


Prep Work
8 Sets of
:10 Front rack +Strict press +OVHD lock out :10 (75/55)

Workout of the Day
Take 15 minutes to build to today’s heavy:
Push Press + Power Jerk

Back Squat
*Set 1 – 6 reps @ 65%
*Set 2 – 4 reps @ 75%
*Set 3 – 2 reps @ 85%
*Set 4 – Max Reps @ 83%
Rest 2 minutes between sets.

Max reps sets terminate with any excessive pausing at the top of the lift. The athlete should take no more than 2 seconds at the top of the lift to breathe, brace and start their descent for the next rep.

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 2 minutes of:
6 Thrusters (115/75 lbs)
6 Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″)
6 Hand-Release Push-Ups

Rest 4 minutes, and repeat.

These must be sprint sessions. Do not pace – instead, learn how it feels to hit the throttle and hold nothing back…then rest 4 minutes and do it again.

Rest until fully recovered, and then…

For times:
Row 1200 Meters
115 lb Shoulder to Overhead x 25 reps
Rest 3 minutes

Row 800 Meters
135 lb Shoulder to Overhead x 20 reps
Rest 3 minutes

Row 400 Meters
155 lb Shoulder to Overhead x 15 reps

If you have the ability to split today’s session, you’re welcome to do so.

Thank you to everyone who posted their check-in. It sounds like everyone is doing well as a whole. There were very few of you that reported an inability to recover, which is a great sign that you are giving good attention to your nutrition, sleep and lifestyle. Stay on that, it will become increasingly important as we get into the Open – where most of you will be repeating the Open events multiple times and recovery will be paramount. ~Crossfit Invictus~


Please post results to comments. 

8 Responses

  1. Marcos

    A. Worked up to 245. Push press wasn’t pretty push jerk is feeling good.

    B. Added 20lbs from last week.. Did all sets at 245 hit 9 reps at 245 still taking it easy on the knee.

    C. First round 3. 2nd round got 1 short of 3.

    Doing D soon

  2. Tasha M

    A) Push Press/Power Jerk- 75lb
    B) Squat: 6reps 65lb, 4 reps 75lb, 2 Reps 95lb, Max Reps @ 83%- 90lbX5 (I need figure out what my new max is for squat’s, I am sure I need to add)
    C) Doing Thrusters I did 55lb, questioned going heavier but was dead at the end of WOD. Also jumped on box and over.
    D) Did first one only
    1200m Row and 25 Presses using 45lb. Will go heavier next time, after I started using my legs more it got a lot easier.

  3. CFRboom

    A. 135, 165, 185, 205,225( 20lb PR for both jerk and press)
    B. did all but last set of max reps, because my back was feeling a little sore from deadlifting the other day so only built up to 85% for 2 reps which was around 275lbs.
    C. First round was 2rds + 1( did 12 box jump overs), second time around got 2rds + 2( did 6 box jump overs)
    D. Did not keep track of time, just tried to grind through!

  4. Sarah H

    Numbers were a mess for me tonight- arm achy and body feeling it- A.) worked up to 75lbs. Which is a PR for me I believe- B.) 6@90, 4@105, 2@120, and 10@115- C.) messed first one up those numbers again (12?=’s 6 right?) “no!”- first round one completed+6thrusters+6box jumps- second round two rounds completed— D.) 35lbs-7:51/ 45lbs. – 5:37/ 55lbs. 3:04- think I should have started a bit higher(?) all rowing completed as well!

  5. Tina

    A. 135lb push press + push jerk

    B. 155 x 6
    175x 4
    195 x 2
    190 x 15

    Did 185 x9 last week

    C. 1) 2+11
    2) 2+8

    D. 75-95-105 …21:50

    Feeling the week…tough work week plus tough workouts = one tired momma

  6. sandra

    135 push press push jerk
    65×6 135#
    75%×4 155#
    86%×2 175#
    83%×11 170#

    1) 3
    2) 2+9

    24:12 time for last wod 75 95 105. Glad my shoulder made it I was happy with my push press form

  7. Eric Dean

    A. Still dealing with some elbow pain but managed 165 on push press push jerk (technique is improving)

    B. Squats were a little sloppy and weak today…195×6, 215×4, 235×2, 225×8

    C. 2 rds, 2 rds +4 (thruster form was awful on the first round)

    D. somewhere between 18-19 mins (timer was reset after my 1st round and didn’t catch an exact time)
    wasn’t happy with my row but it was still around 1:45-1:50/500m and didn’t hit the full weight (115,125,135)

    Overall, haven’t been too sore but have definitely fatigued quicker as the week went on.

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