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Competitive Fitness 01.13.14


Competitive Fitness 01.13.14

First off Id like to congratulate Coach B on this weekends performance. Brenden and his teammate Mark Buskas finished 13th among not only some of the best on the region but some of the best in the sport of CrossFit.

On that note the CrossFit Open registration is in a couple of days, hope most of you can participate.



Every two minutes, for 12 minutes (6 sets):
Front Squat x 1 rep @ 85-95%

Every minute, on the minute, for 12 minutes:
Hang Clean + Jerk @ 85-90%

For times:
185/135 lb Ground to Overhead x 10 reps
Rest 2 minutes
155/105 lb Ground to Overhead x 10 reps
Rest 2 minutes
135/95 lb Ground to Overhead x 10 reps

Six sets for times of:
20 Double-Unders
15 Wall Ball Shots (30/20 lb)
10 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
Rest 60 seconds

Cool Down:


12 Responses

  1. jramos1808

    A. FS 235 last one at 245
    B + C: Wrist was feeling bad on the FS so I did 3 Hevy clean pulls at 265 EMOM last one at 285. Felt good
    D: Dont remember the time Marcos had to start clock for next class. But after round 3 Had to break up CB and Wall balls into halves.

    Babying this wrist. 🙁

  2. Niners

    Back feels great today. Thx for the tips Marcos.
    FS: 175lbs. Worked on form and decent.
    B: 145 lbs. weight felt heavy enough. Didn’t want to over due it.
    C: 145, 135, 115. That was pretty tough. Again working on my form and back strength
    Did not so “D”
    Overall good class.

  3. Brynnen

    A: Front Squat 2X175; 2×185; 2×195.
    B: I did the high hang: 3×125; 3×135; 3×140; 3×145. With the high hang, working on the pull back from a higher position. Felt better each lift.
    C:135#X 10 in 2:00; 105#X10 in 0:54; 95#X10 in 0:30
    D:6 rds in 20:33. DU’s were a struggle (couldn’t find my rhythm). 20# wallballs. C2B with blue band. This portion was a gut check!!

  4. Clint Hays

    A. Front squats @225#
    Felt tough but manageable. Feel like I’m getting stronger.
    B. Hang clean + jerk @185#
    Felt pretty heavy but got through the 12 min.
    Only got through A and B and then had to get to work. Came back at the 6:30 and did C and D.
    C. 185# – 2:47 – dropped every rep
    155# – 1:15 – dropped every rep
    135# – :48 – touch and go for 8 and then singles for the last 2
    D. Totally time was 16:32 with the min rest between. Used just the 20# ball to the 10ft target. I hate and struggle with wall balls.
    Overall I feel pretty good. Lower back got pretty tired after all the c and j’s, especially when I tried linking at 135#. I’m loving this Invictus programming that we’re following. Starting to get pretty pumped for the comp in Lynnwood next weekend and the Open in February!

  5. A: FS. 85% 275 for all reps. Knee is feeling a lot better.
    B. 85% 245lbs, was able to hit every rep. This was hard. My clean needs some work. Jerk felt good for the most part.
    C. 185lbs did them singles. 155, did 5 or 4 and then singles. 135 ended up snatching them 8 in a row and 2 singles.

    D. lost track of time. 1, 2 unbroken. 3,4,5,6, had to break the wall balls, c2b pull ups were unbroken. Used a 25lb wall ball

  6. Claudilla

    Keeping it light for a while doctors orders I did
    A front squats at 95lbs
    B all at 85
    C first 5 and 5@ 85
    Second 5 and 5 @ 85
    Third set unbroken at 65
    D was crazy!! It was hard but good! Used the 14lb ball. Double unders were ok linking 5-8 unbroken chest to bars were hard broke them up into sets of 5 same w the wall balls. Time was 29mins

  7. sandra

    A Front squats 155 12min
    B. Cleans to jerk. 115. 120. 125. 135
    C. X 10 135
    X 10. 105
    X 5. 95# MY LEFT shoulder was done so I quit
    I really tried to remember when I started and finished I couldnt.
    D. 6 rounds 14 lb wall ball working on the squat bellow hip crease. DU lost it with these I need to re practice and chests to bar I can’t find the rhythm again to do more then one. I have no idea on the time I was dying!
    My strength has increased but I think my endurance has gone down and trying to find a pace I am finding difficult.

  8. Sarah H

    Everything felt super heavy today- front squat 105lbs. A- completed. B.) started with 55- and worked up to 65lbs.(clinic helped so much- enjoyed clean and jerk!) C.) 65lbs- 1:42, 60lbs- 1:15, and 55lbs- 1:17 (3set x10 reps)
    D.) total of 22:00- wall balls 16lbs., no double unders

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