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Competitive Fitness 03.04.14


Competitive Fitness 03.04.14

Prep Work
Two sets of:
Accumulate 60 seconds in an L-Sit
Accumulate 60 seconds in a Handstand Hold
(Choices in order of preference – Freestanding, Nose-to-Wall, Heels to Wall)
Accumulate 60 seconds Front Leaning Rest on Rings
(the top of the push-up position with rings 1″ off the ground)

Every minute, on the minute, for 10 minutes:
Clean & Jerk x 1.1.1 @ 75-80%
(rest 10 seconds between singles)

For time:
15 Thrusters (135/95 lbs)
5 Rope Climbs (15′)
12 Thrusters
4 Rope Climbs
9 Thrusters
3 Rope Climbs
6 Thrusters
2 Rope Climbs
3 Thrusters
1 Rope Climb

10 Minutes of AirDyne @ 80-85% effort

Cool Down

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10 Responses

  1. BG

    Hurting…! Good prep work. We need more of that!
    B: I stayed at 115… Did not do the squat. Just clean and jerk. 1 minute was going by to fast!!
    C: 95lbs just did push press ( no squat-back) that was hard enough along with the rope climb! I was spent..!!
    Good push though WOD C from Ivan, Rich, JD and Ben.
    Hard to kind up with you beast.!!

  2. Jonathan Douglas

    Prep work, in and of itself was a workout, L-sits led to quads burning like crazy, just about 60s were accumulated with about 6-9s a pop. Handstand hold was fair enough, went heel to wall, tried nose to wall, gut got in the way (thanks for pointing it out Clint :)) then on the last one I found a friendly goat head that contributed to me putting another bandaid on my hand. I’m a bandaged mess.

    CJs felt difficult indeed, this was my doing after doing the General yesterday, so no gripes. Wrists are slowly feeling better, it will be nice to work back up, will use this time to focus on technique specifically with my second pull and hand positioning at the top b/f jerk. didn’t quite get the 1,1,1 every round, was on average 2 reps each go round.

    The last portion definitely a finisher, knew rope climbs were not a strong point, more frustrated actually that I was not able to climb again. So did 135 with thruster and one …maaaaaaaybe two climbs per round. Thats it, i’m in the mood for squats. Enjoy your Tuesday friends.

  3. Tasha M

    B) 55lb, Could have went a little heavier.
    C) Scaled this one: Thrusters 55lbs (good weight), then did one rope climb with each set. Kicked my butt!
    D) 5 minutes on AirDyne, I had to get out of there. :}

  4. So L-sits and hand stand hold definitely are not my strengths. 4-6 sets to get 60 second of L-sits.

    C&J was tough this am. 3 a round was just crazy, averaged closer to 2 a round.

    rope climbs were definitely tough on the hands today. Thrusters were done at 115# and I completed the whole work out in 13.48. Maybe i didn’t push myself hard enough to do the 135# which was doing able.

  5. T

    A) Prep done twice because I had to come twice to finish today. It felt good though l sits in 15 sec increments. Handstand holds in 30 sec holds. And ring hold in 40-60 sec holds.
    B) 85 # CJ no squat my hip bothering me a bit .
    C) Holy Smokes!!!!! 85# and did all rope climbs. Took about 18 min for me to finish both sets but I did it. Looking back should have gone a little lighter to move a little faster.

  6. Sarah H

    Good time! I came tonight to do rope climbs- so when I dropped to one a round in WOD I was not Happy— rope climbs are serious- did thrusters at 35lbs and one rope climb a round- after that had to so at least ten total- so did eleven total- I meant the ropes were down and Rope climbs just do something amazing for me personally! I did the clean and jerks with 55lbs. And eight rounds with 65lbs.- got three in- felt good! The warm up did nose to wall- L- sits were more like hanging swing— and the ring thing I did interesting!!! Thank You for pushing me Marcos!! I have to work on speed…..

  7. Prep Work.

    A.L sit are a burner. First round tried doing free handstand and went to nose to wall, second round did free hand stand set of 15 sec.

    B. Clean and jerk were heavy, didn’t even attempt 75% started at 205 about 70ish of 285. failed my 3rd round and went to 185, failed 9 round . So ended up failing 2 rounds, The squat portion sucked.

    C, skipped this part.

    D. got on goldie and kept her between 5.5-6 until the last 60 bumped it up to 7, kept it about 85% effort felt good.


  8. Chela

    A) L sits from the bar/handstand off the wall/front leaning on rings hurt!
    B) clean & jerks at 85 lbs felt good
    C) thrusters @ 55 lbs & 1 rope climb in between sets. Finished section C in 8:24
    D) Air dyne was ok

  9. Cash

    A. I have to admit.. I enjoy L sits on rings, working on HS against wall, then freestanding, etc..
    B. Cl and jerks at 105 today .. Need to work on getting head through at top and not arching back… Bad habits , thank you Brendan for holding me accountable !
    C. Per Marcos.. Smart coach.. Scaled weight on thrusters and did 1 rope climb per round.. Then 2 extras at the end… Felt guilty :(( haha
    D. Air dyne cool down felt great

  10. Gabe Ramos

    Warmup hurt my chest because of yesterdays dips. I did L sits for 50 sec each time, hand stanf was full 60 sec hold and pushup with ring was 60 sec hold.

    Part b hurt. Did it at 175 lbs. Technique got ugly the last few reps.

    Part c I used 95 lbs. Did rope climbs 5 reps, 3 reps, 2 reps, reps. Thrusters were unbroken.

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