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Competitive Fitness 02.10.14


Competitive Fitness 02.10.14

Hope everyone is enjoying  this snow. Id like to thank everyone that contributed to this past Saturday’s Spaghetti Feed/Silent Auction.  It was a big success!!! It took help from a lot of people to put this together. Thanks to everyone  that donated food, items for the silent auction, time, money and of course for those of you who ended up purchasing items.

Thanks Andrew and Marisol and all the members from Bear’s Den that donated.

Thanks to everyone of you we were able to raise just shy of $3000.00

On another note we will be changing up our class schedule a little. Starting in March we will no longer be having a 7am class. This decision was based on the last 6 months of attendance. If you would like to see in-depth numbers please feel free to e-mail me. The good thing is that starting this Friday we will start offering a 3:30pm class. Like every class please RSVP to this class.

Prep Work
Three sets, not for time, of:
10 Box Jumps (Regionals Standards)
10 Handstand Push-Ups
10 Alternating Pistols

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
5 Power cleans (145/100 lbs)
10 Toes to bar
15 Wall balls (20/14 lbs)

This workout is 10 minutes of CrossFit Games Open event 11.5…which was a 20 minute AMRAP. For 11.5, ladies used a 14 lb ball to a 9′ target, but we like strong women, so you gals need to throw it to a 10′ target. If you participated in the Open in 2011, check your results and see how your pace through half compares.

Three rounds for time of:
20 Shoulder to Overhead (115/75 lbs)
25 Pull-Ups
30 Kettlebell Swings (70/53)

Cool down
20 Inch worms No push up
Post results


17 Responses

  1. Cash

    Not my finest hour :(( nuff said … struggling with what seems like everything .. Joined the 5am huge group 🙂 great people and awesome athletes ! Tough workout !!

  2. Rema

    B. 4 rounds- 65#power clean, T@B, 14#WB in 10mins
    C. 20:04- 20 Shoulder to Overhead (55 lbs) 25 Pull-Ups with 1/2 inch band
    30 Kettlebell Swings (26lbs) That was an exhausting WOD but it was worth it!!!

  3. Bryn

    Prep Work: well let’s say I have some room to improve.
    -Pistols still aren’t quite there
    -36# strict push press instead of HSPU. Was able to finish all 10 reps unbroken with ease.
    -24″ box jumps felt pretty good
    B: completed 4rds &24 reps. Cleans felt light. Subbed knees to elbow (ribs) and wallballs were good. Did 10reps then 5 reps to break them up.
    C: took 20:04 to finish this part. Push press 75# was light. Did 15/5. Then 12/8 and the last round was all 20 reps unbroken. Had to do ring rows (ribs). KB at 53#. Did 10’s. This portion hurt. My cardio is lacking. Thanks to Rema for pushing me!

  4. Renee G

    The warm-up alone took it out of me!
    WOD b. 3+22, not to shabby!
    WOD c. 25:47 (ouch) this one was mentally taxing, especially if you use your arms too much like I did!!

  5. Prep Work Done. Box jumps actually felt good. Pistols ok takes a little to warm up to them but afterwards ok… Hspu first round strict last two kipping.

    B. Did 6 rounds +4 reps… Felt ok Wall balls and toes to bar are feeling better.
    C. 12:57. 1st round unbroken s2o, unbroken pull-ups, 10′ on the KB swings.
    2nd round 10’s s2o and unbroken pull ups, 10’s kb Swings. was taking kind of long breaks.
    3rd round 10 s2o actually started push pressing vs jerk. felt ok. 22 pull ups and 3. KB swings think got ten, and then 5, and then 8 and 7… Something like that.

    Cool Down: cheered on the crew!!

    overall good day id say. Pull ups are feeling a lot better i think all the chest to bar pull ups are helping.


  6. sandra

    Lets say the night sucked after I rolled the hell out of my ankle. Ok well pistols getting better hspu no breaks getting stronger.
    1st wod 5+5 when I rolled my ankle I just wanted to quit
    2nd wod I was just pissed about my ankle so that slowed me down. 20 75shlder to oh, 20 pull ups tried to work on my butterfly pull ups even when I was tired, and wall balls to black line the push presses slowed me down because pushing up onto my let front of my foot hurt my time sucked I really just wantex to quit. I took too many breaks to be honest because I didnt care i was mad sorry. 17:42

  7. Tasha M

    B) 3 Rounds+18. Power Cleans: 70lbs could of went a little heavier. 14lb wall ball, not to the black line yet. Toes to bar still working on that also.
    C) About 17:40. I went lower on weight, because I knew this would kill me. Shoulder to over head: 55lb, KB 24 lb., Green and Red band

  8. Susana Ramos

    3 rounds +15 for 10min amrap. Used 100pounds for power cleans, 16pound wall ball at the 10foot mark.

    2nd wod was brutal!!! I have princess hands, my grip was shot right away!:( I modified reps after 1st round. I used 75 pounds for shoulder to over head, did 15 pull-ups instead of 25—- those killed me! Started with 53 pound kettle bell, dropped down to 42 pounds. Took me forever to finish 3 rounds!18:34

  9. Claudilla

    ok well this was my first official first day back although I worked out 2x’s last week I wasn’t feeling ‘all there’. But I’m BACK…well kinda. It was sooooooooo tough to endure the soreness on my quads and upper back from last Thursday my first day back after 8 days off! will never do that one again! I had not gone longer than 5 days without working out in over 1.5 years!

    A. Prep work felt like a mini WOD! Had to modify the pistols as my right knee and ankle are still not 100% better from my snowboarding incident. I could feel the pain but nothing horrible.
    B. I finished 3 rounds plus 7. I had 85lbs for my cleans and used the 14lb hitting the black line each time. I really held myself accountable to hitting the line and also getting my toes up to that bar. I no rep’d myself a few times.

    C. I thought B was bad but boy was I wrong! I finished in 19 mins and someodd seconds. Used the 35lb KB for american swings and 65 for my shoulder to overhead. This was HARD but I felt good once I was done (and recovered)

    Cool down I did 10 inch worms not 20…cause I’m a rebel like that!

    Good to be back 🙂

  10. Lindsay

    Better late then never 🙂
    A) Went good. I practiced a kipping HSPU – Thank you Tanya for helping me. I’m pretty excited about my progression with this one.
    B) I did 3 rounds plus 8 reps.
    C) DND. Lower back was sore from deadlifts on Friday; started to tighten up after B. I rowed 1000m (light) and did some back stretching.

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