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Competitive Fitness 02.17.14


Competitive Fitness 02.17.14


Prep Work

Prep for WOD Get equipment set up and full body preparation for movements

Workout of the Day
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in two minutes of:
4/2 Muscle-Ups
8 Deadlifts (225/155 lbs)

Rest 3 minutes, and then…

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in two minutes of:
4 Power Cleans (185/135 lbs)
8 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

Rest 3 minutes, and then…

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in two minutes of:
4 Front Squats (155/105 lbs – from the floor)
8 Toes to Bar

Rest 3 minutes, and then…

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in two minutes of:
4 Power Snatches (135/95 lbs)
20 Double-Unders

Rest 3 minutes, and then…REPEAT A1 through A4.

The “A” portion should take you exactly 37 minutes. Post results as follows (male example):
MU/DL – 38 reps (3 + 2)/32 reps (2 + 8)
PC/C2B – 36 reps (3 + 0)/30 reps (2 + 6)
FS/TTB – 44 reps (3 + 8)/38 reps (3 + 2)
PS/DU – 69 reps (2 + 21)/54 reps (2 + 6)


Cool Down
Mobility of your choice. Spend at least 10Min

Post results

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11 Responses

  1. Bryn

    A1: 155 DL: 2+2 / 2+4 green band belly to bar and box dips
    A2: 135 power clean 2+1 / 2 green band
    A3: 105 front squat: 3 / 3+2 knees to elbows
    A4: 95# power snatch: 1+13 / 1+21 DU can make or break you, they tend to break me…
    Overall this workout felt more solid to me than the last time we did it. I remember really struggling with the weights and today I felt way more solid on the weight. Bar work continues to be a place where there is much room to improve.
    Ran for 0.5 miles. And did 25 Russian twists, 25 an mat sit-ups and 25 supermans. Followed by some gold ol mobility.

  2. Renee G

    A1. 155dL, black band B2B 2+1 / 2
    A2. 105 power clean, black band 2+1 / 1+6
    A3. 105 FS, knees to elbows (focus on form) 2+15 / 2+4
    A4. 85 power snatch, singles 1 round. Dropped to 65 power snatch 1+17 (still doing singles divided by 3)

    Did mobility after WOD

  3. A1) 2 min AMRAP
    4 muscle up
    8 dead lift at 225 pounds
    Score: 2 + 2
    1 + 7
    •Rest 3 minutes
    A2) 2 min AMRAP
    4 power cleans at 155 pounds
    8 chest to bar
    Score: 2 + 3
    2 + 4
    •Rest 3 minutes
    A3) 2 min AMRAP
    4 front squats 155 lbs from floor
    8 toes to bar
    Score: 3 + 4
    2 + 7
    •Rest 3 minutes
    A4) 2 min AMRAP
    4 Power Snatch 115pounds
    20 double unders
    Score: 1+3
    1 +1
    •Rest 3 minutes

    That was a humbling experience 🙁

  4. A. 2+3/10

    B. 3+1/3


    Today was worse then last time i did it. I think, can’t find my score. i know i know i should have logged it:).
    Felt gassed after the first portion of deadlift. Could feel all the crap i ate this weekend. Back on it today.
    Realization that i need to keep eating clean(no cupcakes) as i had no push today. Oh well back at it tomorrow.

    Olympic lift felt ok, but my body weight moments sucked.

  5. sandra

    ● 28(2+4) 25(2+1) 53 4x attempts on MU 155lbs my MU are gone ugh this is really stressful
    ●17(1+5)-24(2) 41 chest to bars are coming along 135lbs only did one round of this it wad nasty form, rest of my rounds were at 125 much better.
    ●52(4+4)-52(4+4) 104 toes to bar and 120lbs front squats I liked this wod the best because it was the easiest.
    ●15(1+3)-12(1)27 90lb snatch this move is so ugly I swear I will never get this.

  6. Judith

    A1) deadlifts @155lb
    1 rnd+10reps /2rounds use the small blue band.. Did 4bettly to bar n 4ring dips.
    A2)cleans at 105lb
    2rnds +6 / 2 messed up on the second round I did 4 front squats lol lost time there
    A3) front squats at 105lb
    2rnds +6reps /2rnds small band lefts should still being a baby.
    A4) power snatch
    First round I did it at 85lb.. Got through the found fast but when I started my second one yeah I couldn’t do it my left shoulder just was not working with me. On the second round I lower the weight to 65lb 🙁 did 3rds and 4 reps. That was a good workout! I need to work on my cardio. I try to push my self and to rest less.

  7. Clint Hays

    A1. 1+7/1+1
    Did muscle ups deadlifts @225#
    A2. 2+1/2+1
    Did power cleans @185# and CTB pull-ups.
    A3. 2+2/2+4
    Did front squats @155# and TTB. Actually did better on my 2nd round.
    A4. 2+1/2
    Did snatches @135# and double unders.
    Felt good this morning. I didn’t record my scores from the last time but I know I made some big improvements. It was nice trying to compete against Richard. He would fly through the barbell and I would catch him on the gymnastics. We were within reps of each other each round.

  8. Haines

    A: 4MU/225 DL: 1 full round. Second time I fell apart on the MUs, ended up getting 0 in the 2mins;(

    B: 4 185lb powercleans/ 8 C2B: 2+3 first time 2nd time 1+4

    C: I messed up on the weight and did 175lb FS instead of 155ln FS ha! O well. 4 175lb FS/ 8T2B: first time 2+8 2nd time 2 rounds.

    D: 135lb power snatch/ 20 DUs: first time 1+23, 2nd time 2 rounds

    That was a good workout today! Need to work on controlling my breathing better! But all in all it went good today!

  9. A1 MU/DL 29 Reps (2+5) 24 Reps (2) Muscle ups are never my strong suit.
    A2 PC/C2B 39 Reps (3+3) 34 Reps (2+10)
    A3 FS/T2B 41 Reps (3+5) 41 Reps (3+5)
    A4 PS/DU 74 Reps (3+2) 73 Reps (3+1)

    Didn’t do this one before was backing off for a comp, Felt pretty good overall.

  10. Chela

    A1) 2+3 used 145 for DL & red band for Belly to bar
    A2) 2+2 used 95lb power clean & red band for C2B
    A3) 2 rounds of front squats & T2B
    A4) 1+9 used 65lbs for power snatches & DU

    A1) 2+5
    A2) 2+7
    A3) 2
    A4) 1+8

    Feeling weak these days!

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