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Competitive Fitness 02.24.14


Competitive Fitness 02.24.14

It’s that time of year again. The CrossFit Games Open starts this Thursday. If you haven’t signed up , you still have time. (click here.)

Maybe Danny Broflex can talk you into it.



Prep Work
2 Sets of
Partner assisted hip stretch
Sampson Stretch
Squat and walk

Workout of the Day

Six sets of:
Front Squat x 1 rep
Rest as needed

Build to today’s heaviest single.

Take 15-20 minutes to build to today’s heaviest Clean & Jerk

For max reps:
2 Minutes of Ground to Overhead (205/135 lbs)
Rest 2 minutes
2 Minutes of Ground to Overhead (185/125 lbs)
Rest 2 minutes
2 Minutes of Ground to Overhead (165/115 lbs)

Two sets for times:
Row 500 Meters
Rest exactly 90 seconds

Set the monitor for intervals at a set distance of 500 meters and a rest period of 90 seconds.

Cool Down
Post results

15 Responses

    1. Marcos Ramos

      C. got
      14 at 205lbs, 14 at 185, 13 at 165. clip came loose and had to fix it twice could have maybe got 14? i was smoked by then.
      D. The rower wins again, waited about 5 min and got it over with. I swear i was trying. 1:54, 2:04.

      Cool down: couch stretch hip started cramping up, was weird. and rolled out my legs. Feeling beat up since i started squatting heavy last week. Body i think is not used to it.


  1. ReneeG

    A. 125, 135, 145, 155, failed 165 & 160, so I called it good.
    B. 85, 115, 125, 130×2, 135 I’m pretty sure that is a PR!!
    C. 115- 3reps, 105-6reps, 95-8reps, my brain was fried on the last set so I was still “squat” cleaning the 95… That cost me some time.. Dumb
    D. First set I averaged 1:56, it didn’t keep track of my second round so I just went for 2min

  2. Haines

    A: FS 225, 245, 275, 295, 310pr

    B: C&J 265 pr

    C: 2mins at 205: 14 reps 185: 9reps 165: 17 reps

    D: only did one 500m 1:31. I started to cramp up….. So just did a bunch of mobility. Good day!

  3. Tasha M

    A) 115lbs. Max so far. I’m working on keeping my elbows up and not leaning forward so much, and think I can add more weight onto this.
    B) Max yet at 90lbs.
    C) I started at 85lbs and only did 2, plus I cleaned it and that didn’t help! I was tired at this point. 2nd round 75lb did 5 and 3rd round 70lb and did 9.

  4. Brynnen

    Today was a struggle just to get to the box. I just felt fatigued.
    A: Front Squat: today I struggled here. 175; 195; 205; failed 215; hit 210; hit 215. Called it good. Not a PR.
    B: I’ve never worked on a C&J PR we’ll call it one today. Hit 180 and failed on the 185 clean.
    C: 135# X 14 reps; 125# X 18 reps; 115# X 19 reps. Legs were smoked. Did a jerk for all the overheads.
    D: round 1 was 1:56; round 2 was 1:57.
    Did a lot of mobility this afternoon at home. I’m feeling old today

  5. Jonathan Douglas

    Should get this is before the nights over with… front squats felt good hit another PR from Saturday, heavy single at 365 I believe we stopped. May have been able to squeeze one more.

    Felt goodish working up to CJ’s playing some mental mind games with my wrist and head. But successfully got 225 x1 I believe and had some failed attempts at 245. Ill get there.

    Ground to over head fun first round was only 5 or 6 repa…no idea why. 2nd round about 7. Third round 8 and 1.5 of something that looked like a snatch to finish.

    Rowed twice at 138 then 140 or so?

  6. Susana R

    A. 155 front squat
    B. 120 clean and jerk, worked on my jerk! Feeling better at it, not as scared as I use to be!
    C. 105:7 reps, 85:13 reps, 85:13 reps
    D. Finished both rows in 1:59 min each time!:)

  7. Judith

    A. 135, 145,155, 165, 175, 180… Tried couple of times 185 almost had it.. No pr 🙁
    B. 125, 135, 145, 155pr took me couple of tries but I I got it. 10lb pr..
    My math was a little off, like always.. The first sent felt supper heavy. Disappoint thou that I only got 8reps.
    D.1) 1:57 2) 2:05

  8. Cash

    I have to admit… I didn’t want to do its workout today:(.. Feeling a little thrashed which I normally don’t mind but am worried that I’ll be a major underachiever on days like these. Luckily Kelly came with me and made me want to prove I am a little strength in me even though she kicked my butt !
    Met my FS Max at 165, could have gone higher but didn’t want to push it
    Clean and jerk wasn’t there today but Marcos had me go lighter for the WODS and felt much better! I just need to get my head in the game 🙂
    Rower : 1:57,1:55.. Tired 🙁

  9. Front Squat:

    Clean and Jerk:

    185 pound ground to overhead: 1

    155 pound ground to overhead: 8

    135 pound ground to overhead: 12

    I was so spent by the time it came to the WOD but I got a PR on Front Squat so I was pumped

  10. sandra

    Lets see 125, 145, 155, 165 175, 185, front squats
    B. 125, 135, 145, than 155 clean twice 5 lb PR but no good on jerk I just cant get the power to push and drive under it plus my form I drive it forward. .
    C: 125×10, 115×9, 110 ×14.
    D. Started off but my brain was tired got mixed up and stopped at 1:30 so re started and got 500 at 1:45, 500 at 2:10.

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