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Competitive Fitness 03.10.14


Competitive Fitness 03.10.14

*Reminder* Don’t forget to submit your score for 14.2

COACH’S NOTE – Listen to your body! If you attacked 14.2 yesterday and you’re feeling tender today, complete the work at lower percentages and/or reduce the volume. Monday is written for those of you following who only tackled 14.2 once on Friday and intend on training through the Open.

Prep Work
Two sets for quality, not time, of:
Nose-to-Wall Handstand Hold x 60 seconds
L-Sit x 45 seconds

Workout of the Day
Every two minutes, for 12 minutes (6 sets):
Clean & Jerk x 1.1 @ 85-90%
(rest 10 seconds between singles)

Back Squat
*Set 1 – 3 reps @ 75%
*Set 2 – 3 reps @ 80%
*Set 3 – 2 reps @ 85%
*Set 4 – 1 rep @ 90%
*Set 5 – 1 rep @ 90-95%
Rest as needed

Five sets for times of:
Row or AirDyne 60 Calories
40 Double-Unders
Rest 3 minutes

Cool Down

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8 Responses

  1. BG

    Great combo lifts today.
    Pre work was good. Glad to see those in the warm up.
    A: 155lbs. Went slow on the squats. Back felt great!!
    B: finished at 215. Again slow movements. Squats and form felt good.
    My time was up after the squats.

  2. Jonathan Douglas

    Prep work was what it was, when my body gets suspended things tend to fall apart.

    CJ were good enough, I’m happy to be able to practice them with more frequency. Wrist still not 100% and was only able to work in about two sets at the weight where I should have been, did 205, that was plenty heavy (going off of 255 CJ). Will need to do some more work with light weight to practice not breaking my second pull earlier …. now elbow pain.

    Back Squats were hot and heavy, as they should be.
    3 @ 335
    3 @ 365
    2 @ 385 i think …
    1 @ 405
    1 @ 425 …ugh.

    Back this afternoon for 14.2 the deuce.

  3. Judith

    Pre workout the L sit on the rings was challenging. I stopped a lot lol
    A. Clean and jerks 1.1 at 85%ish 130lb the two min rest helped a lot. Felt pretty good should off gone 135lb…
    B. back squats
    75% 3@165
    80% 3@175
    85% 2@185
    95%ish 1@205 I didn’t feel like I went low enough and was not happy with it. so I dropped the weight and redid the rep at 200lb.
    C. Rowing 60 calories and 40DU 5rounds. I only kept track of my rowing time.
    4:01/ 4:20/ 4:28/ 4:19/ 4:27 my legs were done, that’s a lot of rowing I have no clue about the distance.

  4. Chela

    Clean & Jerk 1.1 every 2 min
    85% @ 95 lbs
    Back Squats
    75% 3@125lbs
    80% 3@130
    85% 2@140
    90% 1@150
    95% 1@155
    60 cal row
    Didn’t keep track of DU’s

  5. sandra

    Ok L sits feel bette did the rings 45 sec and the black pipe thingy lol 45 Sec I minimal heel tap. Hand stand holds concentrated on my core.
    155, 165, 175, 190, 190
    Cleans I did 125 It was heavy
    Rows and DU: 6:20, 6:19, 6:45, 8:30 I was getting pooped, 7:45. Ugh I hate DU

  6. Claudilla

    Was a good day. I had to cut it short because I had places to be people to see 🙂 I only did 2 out of the 5 rounds on the WOD but my du’s were pretty decent. About 10-12 linked each set. Not bad for me. I enjoyed the clean and jerk was fun I should have gone heavier I only did 80lbs back squats felt good! Can’t wait to max out again soon because my 95% felt good. Good coaching and I’m loving this 3:30 class time slot 🙂

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