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Competitive Fitness 03.11.14


Competitive Fitness 03.11.14

Prep Work
3 Min of 15 on 15 off Single skip rope
then 3 rds of
10 Beat swings
10 Push ups

Workout of the Day
Three sets of:
7/5 Muscle-Ups
10 Burpee Box Jumps (24″/20″)
Run 400 Meters @ 75-80%
Rest 3 minutes

Front Squat
*Set 1 – 5 reps @ 60% of 1-RM
*Set 2 – 4 reps @ 70%
*Set 3 – 3 reps @ 80%
*Set 4 – 2 reps @ 90%
*Set 5 – 5 reps @ 80%
Rest 2 minutes between sets

Six sets of:
2-Position Snatch
(one from the floor, then the hang)
Rest as needed

Build in loads based on speed and mechanics.

For max reps/meters:
4 minutes of Rowing
3 minutes of Wall Ball Shots (30/20 lb)
2 Minutes of Handstand Push-Ups

Cool Down Mobility

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9 Responses

  1. A. Felt good.
    Muscle ups unbroken every round, burped box jumps actually felt good, was able to move good. Did 40 calories since i went for a run earlier in the day because my legs were smoked from yesterday.

    times can’t remember left them written at the gym.

    B. skipped FS as my legs need some recovery.

    C. 135,155,165, 185f, 185, 195f, finally got 195.

    D. Skipped

    Cool Down had a Fitaid that they sent the gym to taste. Pretty good stuff:)


    1. Judith

      I can’t put my results it won’t give me the box to post comments.. Only to reply do her is my results hope it shows up lol…
      A. Did c2b and ring dips. The box jump burpees . I actually did box jump over burpees lol The run felt good… Didn’t keep track of how long it was taking me each round. Just make sure I was resting the 3 mins between each round.
      B.front squats
      They felt heavy today. I took my time on this one. Then again my math was off by 5lbs over.

  2. Cash

    A. Did hip raises on rings with 4 ring dips each round… Wish I felt closer to a muscle up :((. Burpee box jumps and run felt good 🙂
    B. FS: 115,130,135,150
    C. Took it easy in snatches after redoing 14.2 yesterday…
    D. 925 on rower
    Lost track on wall balls.. People keep yelling at me :)) lol
    12 HSPU… Shoulders were fried 🙁

  3. Claudilla

    Today was fun…I liked the extra cardio/running believe it or not! Lol the first WOD was fun just enough to get your heart racing after the burpee over the box jumps then the run. 3 mins was enough time to bring my heart rate down and do it all over again. I worked on my ring progression although I’m lacking the strength piece to push myself up on the from the rings. Maybe next time work on chest to bar w smaller band? The front squats felt ok, the worst was the 2 at 90% I thought the 5 at 80 would be harder but not after the 2 at 90%. Snatches were ok, I practiced at 55lbs not going heavier. I like the power versus from the ground. The 4 mins of rowing I got to 900ish meters. Probably not the best. I was tired legs smoked. Wallballs immediately after was hard! I didn’t count but I broke them out into sets of 3-5 resting in between about 5 secs. I managed to get 6 handstand push-ups with an AB mat in 2mins. Arms smokes after snatches and rowing and Wallballs. Gooooood day I love the pain. Tomorrow I might have to scale. Listen to my body coach b says.

  4. Chela

    The burpee box jump & 400 m run x3 took 20:31 including the rest time. The run felt good.
    85lbs x 5
    95lbs x 4
    110lbs x 3
    120lbs x 2
    110lbs x 5
    SNATCH @ 65 lbs
    Rowing 4 min I don’t remember the distance
    Got 35 WALLBALLS in the three minutes
    Got 22 Kipping HSPU

  5. BoomBoom

    A. 18: ?? on wod MU’s felt good after.
    B. 165, 195,225,245
    C. 14.2 started to take it’s toll.
    D. easy row got 900 meters in 4, 26 wallballs in 3 minutes with #25 ball, tried 4 hspu and called it a night!
    MOBILITY: band aparts, and some band mobility work.

  6. Sarah H

    Let’s see- prep work completed in regards to push-ups I was able to do first ten unbroken and no knees- I knew I was getting stronger on those- the other two sets five and then to knees both sets!
    A.) five muscle-up- mermaids- worked on transitions- my muscles are com’en along- box jump Burbees completed- I like both- and 400 meter run thank you sunshine! All good-
    B.) Front squats- 65lbs, 75lbs, 95lbs, 105lbs. And 95lbs- front squats felt good- elbows up!
    C.) 2-position Snatchs- working on form- 35lbs. -45lbs. Worked on holding in bottom position- the thrust I call it is the now it’s about armpits forward and balance in bottom(?)! Right arm is still feeling weak-
    D.) four min. Row 855 meters 3min wall-balls 46 @ 16lbs
    And No handstand push ups worked on trypod holds into planks and Handstand holds!

  7. Muscle Ups are close. I’m high enough I just need to finish it. Been 2 years since I got them. Haven’t gotten them since my shoulder injuries. This is a goal of mine. The WOD was easier than I expected, running is getting a lot better

    Front Squats feel awesome. Can’t wait for my lifting shoes

    Need work on Snatches

    Rowed 1096 meters
    Wall balls: 50
    Handstand push-ups: 20(strict) did 13 consecutive to start and burned out

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