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Competitive Fitness 05.20.15


Competitive Fitness 05.20.15

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Prep Work
50′ Inchworm no push up
3 Row starts+3-5 calories (3/4+1/2+3/4+2Full pulls)
Rotator cuff/shoulder prep 2-4min per side

Workout of the Day
“2015 CrossFit Regionals Event 6″
Five rounds for time of:
Row 25 Calories
16 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
9 Strict Handstand Push-Ups to 4.5″/3″ Deficit

Rest until fully recovered, and then…

Four sets of:
20 Walking Lunges with 32/24 kg Kettlebells
Rest 90 seconds

**PROGRAM NOTE – There won’t be swimming this week. Get outside for a hike or a long bike ride, or take the day to get your food prepared.**

Cool Down
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