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Competitive Fitness 06.07.14


Competitive Fitness 06.07.14

Prep work
Team stretch

Workout of the Day
For max reps:
2 Minutes of Rope Climbs (15′)
Rest 60 seconds
2 Minutes of Alternating Pistols
Rest 60 seconds
2 Minutes of Double-Unders

Five rounds for time of:
10 Thrusters (135/95 lb.)
20 Pull-Ups
Run 400 Meters

**PROGRAM NOTE – This is a transition week. We will back off some of the heavy stuff and work in some sessions that are less typical for our program. Stick with the program, understand that transition weeks are designed to give you the the recovery to excel in the next cycle, and resist the urge to add in extra work. The next cycle begins on Monday, June 9…so if you have friends who have been waiting to jump in, please tell them to do so now or next Monday. There is no better time to jump into the program work hard through the off-season to build up your foundational strength and aerobic base, and be ready to achieve your goals in 2015.

Cool down
Post results

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8 Responses

  1. Ja

    A. 6 rope climes
    39 pistols
    178ish DUs lost count
    B. Did the pulls ups almost one at a time and just kept moving. Thrusters at 95lb broke them a bit. Only drop the bar once or twice. Time 36:33.

  2. sandra

    108 DU, 5 rope climes, 20 pistols.
    Started wod with 85lbs and pull ups However my hand had other plans so third round I dropped to 75lbs and did push ups. Then tina yelled at me for push ups and said ring rows. And I did as she said. So 4th and 5th round I did ring rows. Thanks tina flores, and Gina Cacchioti-wellner your a fast beast. 44:20 time
    Then I worked on core 3×25 each sit ups oblique twists lower abd straight leg raise. 3 second count eccentric leg drops, 3 second count reverse eccentric contraction for sit ups. 3 rd 1min planks.
    Starting next week prepping for whoever wants to make teams. LLets do this go go leg strength come one muscle

    1. I thought you were stretching. I did not see you doing pushups. I was thinking her shoulder must be hurting but she could possibly do ring rows without putting too much stress on her shoulder. My bad I am sorry. Thanks for pushing me today. You are a strong competitor and it has been nice working out with you this week. Get that shoulder healthy lady!

  3. Tasha M

    A) 3 Rope climbs (Seemed HARD today!), 17 Pistols on each leg with weights under me. 50 DU.
    B) 15 minutes for time. Used 55lb for Thrusters and red and green band for pull-ups. Pull ups kill me, need to work on them! Great Morning!

  4. Cash

    4 rope climbs
    48 pistols
    137 DU’s
    Finally had a good day, it’s been awhile 🙁
    Tried to be smart with my shoukder and thrusters so kept it at 65lbs, crazy how even that felt heavy after not doing any OH barbell work in 6 wks !
    Pull-ups and run went well!
    Had a great group pushing each other at 9am 🙂
    Love wodding with you Tina and Sandra ! Beasts !

  5. 4 rope climbs
    123 DU
    27 pistols

    I love these types of workouts. They are lifting and cardio! I like cycling the barbell with moderate weight. At round 2 I wanted to quit but everyone else around me just kept moving. First round thrusters were unbroken. The remaining rounds I did 5/5 at 95lbs. My pullups I tried to stick to sets of 5. I felt like I could keep a better rhythm than I have been able to. I was disappointed in myself for taking too long of breaks…It was all I could do because my fitness was hurting. I think I did this workout in 27ish minutes.

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