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Competitive Fitness 07.25.14


Competitive Fitness 07.25.14

Prep Work
50′ Inchworm push up
3X10 Wall Facing Squats
3X 5 FWD 5 REV OVHD Squat and walk- Go into the bottom position of your OHS with a PVC pipe and take 5 steps forward and 5 reverse, try and keep those hips low

Workout of the Day
Take three attempts to establish a 1-RM Overhead Squat

Take as much time as needed to warm-up. After your last warm-up lift, set a clock and wait exactly 6 minutes before taking your first official attempt. Attempts must come between the following times on the running clock:
Attempt 1 – 6:00 to 8:00
Attempt 2 – 8:00 to 10:00
Attempt 3 – 10:00 to 12:00

“Games 2014 – Triple 3″
For time:
Row 3,000 Meters
300 Double-Unders
Run 3 Miles

Cool Down
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3 Responses

  1. Rema Imperial

    WOD A: I got to 115 on OHS then failed at 125#
    WOD: finished at 56:29
    I know most of my teammates probably hate this WOD but I love it!!!!

  2. warmed up my OHS and it was feeling really good last warm up rep at 255 and was gonna open with 275. the bottom position kinda tweaked my back stopped right there and got ready for the conditioning

    Conditioning rowed about 11:35ish? finished the DB unders at 16ish min and ran a 23:?? 3 mile. final time of 40:25. Beat Ivan by 2 seconds…Just saying bro… 🙂

  3. Jonathan.

    before it’s too late …umm … OHDSQ hit target of 225, then thouhgt going for a 30 lb jump was a good idea. no

    Row was good, finished in a smidge over 11m, pace was between 1:46-1:51, DU’s were unsuccessful, did 700 single jumps, then the run, i think all together was about 40:37, a notch behind Ican and Brenden

    Then Gina thought it wa sa good idea to do burpees. 20 *2

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