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Competitive Fitness 08.05.14


Competitive Fitness 08.05.14

Prep Work
3X5-8 Single bell lunge press
2X30 Banded lat stretch
2X10 Wall facing squats

Workout of the Day
Five sets of:
Narrow-Grip Overhead Squat x 3 reps @ 3311
(goal is to set your hands in your jerk-grip position or even narrower, slowly descend and hold the bottom position for 3 full seconds – the priority should be on mobility and movement mechanics, not load used)
Rest 90 seconds
Weighted Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups x 6-8 reps @ 21X0
(go as heavy as possible while still making the rep range)
Rest 90 seconds

Take 20 minutes to build to today’s 1-RM Bench Press

Four sets for max reps of:
3 Minutes of Rowing (for max Meters)
2 Minutes of Double-Unders
1 Minute of Muscle-Ups
Rest 3 minutes

Note sets as follows:

Cool Down
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3 Responses

  1. sandra

    Can I just say I love working out next to tina.
    Ok warm up
    Oh squat narrow grip day 2.
    3311 5rds 90 sec rest weight ctb pull up 8lbs
    95lb, 95lb, 105, 110, 115.

    20min bench 1rp mx. Finished 150.
    4rd 3mn row 2min du 1min ring rows
    I earned my chips and salsa

  2. You are too much Sandra 🙂 I also enjoy working out with you. Thank you for being my bench partner.

    A) 85,95,105,115,125 —not sure how I feel about narrow grip OHS. You have to keep everything tight…I think i like it!

    I used 8pounds for weighted pull-ups …I did pull-ups weighted and then when I could not do anymore I dropped the weight and did strict chest 2 bar

    B) Bench was 145…I don’t think I will ever go up on this lift

    C) I ranged from 650-695 meters, 60-70 on the doubles, and of course no muscle ups

  3. Ken

    Narrow-Grip Overhead Squat
    95#…awkward overhead…
    Weighted Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
    25# plate. Felt OK.

    1-RM Bench Press 205#

    Substituted Russian KB twists for 2 min D,. Pull-ups & Ring dips for MU

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