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Competitive Fitness 10.06.15


Competitive Fitness 10.06.15

Prep WorkSame as GF
Workout of the Day


Every 2 minutes, for 18 minutes (9 sets):

*Sets 1-3 – Power Clean x 3 reps

*Sets 4-6 – Power Clean x 2 reps

*Sets 7-9 – Power Clean x 1 rep
Build to today’s heavy single, and then…
Every 2 minutes, for 6 minutes (3 sets):

Halting Clean Deadlift + 2 Clean Pulls

In 15 minutes or less, build to today’s “heavy”…

Back Squat x 1 rep
The goal is to establish today’s “heavy” lift. “Heavy” for the day is the load immediately before that at which you would lose proper mechanics and positioning. Stop as soon as you determine that you’ve reached that load.

Every two minutes, for 24 minutes (6 sets of each):

Station 1 – Back Squat x 4 reps @ 2-4% heavier than last week

(this should be somewhere between 74-82% if you’re just joining)

Station 2 – 30 seconds of Toes to Bar
Note load used for back squats, and number of toes to bars achieved in each set.

Two sets of:

32/24 kg Kettlebell Towel Carry x Max Distance

(wrap a small hand or kitchen towel through the handle of each kettlebell, then squeeze the two ends in the palm of your hand and walk with the kettlebells as far as possible)

Rest as needed

GHD Sit-Ups x 20-25 reps

Rest as needed
Optional Additional Conditioning Session

(This session is best performed 3-4 hours prior to or following today’s primary session.)
Four to Six sets of:

Row 1200 Meters @ your 5000m PR pace

Rest 2 minutes
Cool Down


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