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Competitive Fitness 12.10.13


Competitive Fitness 12.10.13

Prep Work:
2 Rds of
5X Clean pulls from mid thigh
5X Hang power clean
5X Front squats


Olympic Lifting:

6 Sets of
2-Position Clean
Deadlift the bar  then lower the bar just above the knee, pause for 2 seconds-CLEAN! Lower the bar down to just below the knee, pause for 2 seconds-CLEAN!
Rest 2-3 minutes


6 min EMOM
5 Strict Pull-Ups (ladies – 3 reps)
Strict Handstand Push-Ups x Max reps
6 min EMOM
8 Pull-Ups (any style kip is fine)
Kipping Handstand Push-Ups x Max Reps
12 min EMOM
Even Minutes: 5 Power Cleans @ 65% or your 1-RM Clean
Odd Minutes: Row 200 Meters

The last 3 portions should take no more than 25 minutes – use no more than 1 transition minute between the phases.

Cool down


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12 Responses

  1. Tasha M

    Ok having two workouts going on gets a little confusing for me! :} Did more than I needed to on two events! lol
    6 Rounds of Power Cleans-70lbmax
    6min EMOM- 6 Pullups with thicker green band (not 3! :}), and 18lb KB against wall for strength (max on this was 6 times)
    Next EMOM same- practicing Kipping
    12 Min EMOM- Did power cleans instead of Cleans until last 2 rounds! 55lb

  2. today was a very fatiguing day.
    -worked up to 275 for my last successful set on the 2 position clean
    -failed at 305, got the first but lost the second due to my grip…would of been a pr
    -started out @ 12 then went down to 5-6 for the first 6 min pull ups were fine but hands were getting bad
    -the kipping about stayed the same 5-6 pull ups really felt hard on the hands by then
    -The 12 min EMOM was about the equivelant as Getting sucker punched in the back of 12 min… 210 for the power cleans didn’t miss any but hands were about to tear so i did 2 rounds with straps…row sucked…

    Last time i did this my conditioning was bad, this time my conditioning was ok…Still just as bad…

  3. Prep Work: Done used the bar
    Oly Set: worked up to 275 failed the 2nd clean. I think i can get it next time.

    First emom: i think i got 20,13,9,8,7,6.
    2nd emom can’t remember bet it was a lot less… wrote it on the board and forgot to get the numbers.
    12min emom. used 185 felt good actually and was able to hit 200 for the row.. I hate rowing, its slow brutal pain.

    Cools down rolled out on the foam roller and worked on my lats and triceps

  4. Jude

    I’m a little tired to remember everything…oly – 225…155 for the 12 mins of hell…on the handstand strict – 3 each round….kipping handstands – 3 each…I love the new program

  5. Susana

    Worked up to 80 pounds for clean, still hurts my left wrist, working on it!
    First 6min emom: used red skinny band for strict pull-ups. Used kb to work on HSPU (26 first 3 rounds, 18 for last rds) 6,4, 5,5,5,5

    Second 6 emom: (18 pound kb) 5,5,5,5,5,5…… Kipping pull-ups ended up doing 6 per rd

    Third 12 emom: I’m restarted and did a full clean w/ squat:( it hurt!!!!!!!!! Only did 65 pounds, not my 65%

  6. Dave

    Great WOD!! Knee still an issue but better. No squat cleans just power. Worked up to 175 for 2 pos clean.
    1st 6 min Strict HSPU’s still an issue. Used kettlebells. Pull ups fine.
    2nd 6min all unbroken on pull ups. 4 to 5 kip HSPU’s ea min.
    135 for 12 min w 200m ea time. Love the programming. And thanks Marcos for makin me chill on the squats!!

  7. DanielG

    Prep work always helps, Especially at 5am brrr. I worked up to 175, not great but made some improvements, thanks coaches. First part of wod I burnt out on hsp, got At least 4 as many as 11 every round. 2nd part felt good, no idea on #’s but butterflyish pull-ups we fun. The last part of wod was awesomely brutal. Used 135, was gasssssedd. Hard working 5 am group!
    Loving the new program. Feeling slightly less sore than last week, wooowhooo!

  8. Tina

    Worked in my clean pulls since I have 9 days until I can start doing Oly again.

    6×3 clean pulls

    Last two I used lifting straps. That is something that will need some adjustment.

    6min EMOM
    3strict pull-ups
    7-10 kb presses with 18kg bells

    6 min EMOM
    8 kipping (first 5 would be great then it would turn into singles …my hands are a little beat up)
    5-7 kb presses …I think these things are making me strong

    12 min EMOM

    6double kb cleans (I thought it was 6 until Robby told me on the way home it was 5)
    200 meter row

    The rowing took longer than I thought it would …you have to bust out the cleans if you want a break.

    I have been trying to lock on my nutrition.

    Everything aches but I think it has a lot to do with the cold weather.

  9. RachelGarza

    12-10-13 first try at competitive fitness. My pullups were ugly. I have no flow/technique with pull ups. I did 3 on the first emom, then 5 on second emom. On the 12 minute emom I did 55lbs cleans. I need to work on opening hips…..
    Slept like a baby last night, but
    I still did my mobility this morning 12-11-13 with 3 miles on home treadmill.

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