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Competitive Fitness 12.11.13

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  1. Chela

    Did the competitors course
    55,65,75,85,95,100 on cleans
    First EMOM used band for strict pull ups & 26lbs KB presses
    second EMOM used band for pull ups & dropped to 18lb KB Presses
    Ladt WOD
    used 75lb for cleans
    & I was able to do 200m row within the minute

  2. Dave

    Still no squats 4 me yet.
    Did good mornings instead of front squats. Worked up to 155.
    Finished kb swings & box jumps in 2:55.
    Did burpees instead of wall balls. Got 78 total.

  3. DanielG

    Worked up to 205 front squat. Very awkward lift for me still. On the first WOD I finished in four minutes. On the second WOD I got 111 wall balls using the 20 pounder. I’m feeling good considering all the volume. My body is excited for a rest day 🙂

  4. Tasha M

    Front Squat-worked up to 70lb. Feel that I could go heavier, but still working on form.
    Questions for Coaches: If I feel like I want to go heavier, but my form isn’t perfect should I not add weight and work on form or work on form as I add weight? :}
    3 Rounds for time: 3 1/2 minutes: KB used 35lb, but will use 45 next time. Medium box for jumps.
    4 sets of wall Balls- 14lb (used 14 for prep work also)

    1. It depends on the day Tasha, There always has to be a balance of form Vs. intensity when in a hard training cycle. Lets say a 90/10 rule, If your form is 90% spot on then add a little bit of weight. Form then intensity of course though. Doesn’t mean you can’t ever go heavier though 😉

  5. After yesterdays clean complex my calf is still tight so the Front squats today were challenging.

    -5X3@315 Felt HEAVY…Gotta love 85%…
    -The Box jump swing portion stuck with 30″ and 70lb the swings felt great but I went nice and easy on the jumps. Was landing more so on my left leg at the top of the box.
    -Holy Wall balls batman…25Lb is no joke. first rd got 31 after that its i couldn’t break it down. Ended up getting 131…By the skin of my teeth.
    Smashed my calf after and felt better for mobility. Thank god for rest days

  6. Strength:
    warm up was 3@135, 3 @185, 3@225 then hit 5 sets of 3 reps @275 first set was heavy, didn’t know if i was going to be able to maintain this weight, same with the 4th one… I noticed when i was able to maintain a good front rack position it felt lighter… weird:)… Gotta keep improving my mobility in the front rack…. .


    3 rounds got it at 3:18 was chasing Tina but couldn’t keep up.. Ill blame it because i had a longer distance to come down:).

    Wall balls.. Alternated with Judas.. First round 25lb ball 25, 2nd 20lb ball 25, 3rd, 25lb ball 20, 4th 20lb ball 25. 95 total… Wall balls getting better but not good enough.

    Cool down.. foam roller.. Really like that thing….Soreness goes in and out throughout the day… For all the volume we are doing i feel like my recovery is ok. Ready for rest day.

  7. Sarah H

    If I was there today for WOD-? I am thinkings front squats 5×3 at 85lbs. Russian swings 53lbs- working to have some bend in my elbow region! 20′ box jumps finished in 5:41
    92 wall balls – blue 14lbs.—
    I mean if I was there would have felt great about predicted progress!

  8. sandra

    Front squat 155 5×3, wod 3min flat 53kb 24inch box. 16 lb ball for 94 worked my hardest to try and keep hitting the black line often I hit the block just right below it.

  9. BoomBoom

    4 sets of 3 rep front squats at 235 then last set at 225, 3;46 on wod( i was moving good, but i dont push it when box jumps are involved) 90 wallballs at #25

  10. Tashina

    Front squat 115,115, 135, 135, 135
    WOD 4:26 30″ jumps I scraped my shin again in the second to last jump 🙁
    104 wall balls with 14# ball that was rough and I was breathing heavy afterward.

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