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Competitive Fitness 12.16.14


Competitive Fitness 12.16.14

Prep work
Personal mobility take 10 min to prep for the comp workouts

Invictus Athlete Online Competition – Day Two
Events 7-10 (and an 11th scoring point)
Perform the following events against a running clock consecutively without any rest between. Immediately upon completion of one event, move on to the next.
Event 7
For max reps:
3 Minutes of Shoulder to Overhead (205/135 lbs)
Immediately followed by…
Event 8
Three rounds for time of:
5 Squat Cleans (205/135 lbs)
50 Double-Unders
Immediately followed by…
Event 9
Four rounds for time of:
6 Ground-to-Overhead (155/105 lbs)
12 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
Immediately followed by…
Event 10
Five rounds for time of:
30 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lbs)
15 Pull-Ups
Rules and Standards:
Athletes must work off of a running clock and note the times in which they completed each portion of the workout. There are no rest periods. Athletes may use only one barbell for all phases of the day’s events, and must strip their barbell from the starting weight down to 155/105 lbs. I would encourage you to load the barbell with 155/105 lbs and then simply add 25s to each side for males, and 15s to each side for females to keep your transition between events 8 and 9 as quick as possible.
Event 7: Athletes must complete as many reps as possible of shoulder to overhead in 3 minutes. The barbell must start from the floor – no rack may be used during any portion of today’s events. For the shoulder to overhead, the barbell must start from the front-rack position – you cannot jerk from behind the neck. Athletes must control the barbell overhead until their feet are directly under their hips, shoulders and barbell.
Event 8: When the running clock reaches 3:00, athletes may begin Event 8. The squat clean must start from the floor, and the athlete must pass through the bottom of a front squat position – hip crease below the top of the knee – before standing to full hip and knee extension with control of the barbell. Athletes may power clean and then front squat if they choose to do so. Double-unders may be performed either with a forward or backward rotation of the rope as long as the rope passes under the athlete twice on each jump. This event will be scored on time to completion – (Time on the Running Clock – 3:00).
Event 9: Immediately upon completing Event 8, athletes will strip their barbells down to 155/105 lbs and begin Event 9. The clock will continue to run, so I suggest getting your plates stripped as quickly as possible. The ground-to-overhead may be performed in whatever style the athlete chooses so long as the barbell starts from the ground and finishes directly over fully extended knees, hips and elbows. Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups must start from full extension and finish with the athlete’s chest making contact with the pull-up bar. This event will be scored on time to completion – (Time on the Running Clock – Time at Completion of Event 8).
Event 10: Immediately upon completing Event 9, athletes will begin Event 10. These are standard wall ball shots, hip crease below the top of the knee at the bottom and ball must make contact with the 10’ target. Pull-ups must start from full extension and finish with chin above the horizontal plane of the top of the pull-up bar. This event will be scored on time to completion – (Time on the Running Clock – Time at Completion of Event 9).
Scored Event 11: The fifth scoring data point for day two will be the total time to completion of all the events. This will be the time entered noting the completion of Event 10.
Scoring: Athletes must provide four separate scores for today’s events. Scores should be entered as follows:
Event 7 – # of Reps Completed in 3 Minutes
Event 8 – Time on the Running clock
Event 9 – Time on the Running clock
Event 10 – Time on the Running clock
DO NOT RESET THE CLOCK OR DO MATH. Your job is simply to note the time on the running clock when you complete each event. Event 8 starts with 3 minutes on the clock.
Athletes will receive five scores from today’s events. The first scored event is number of reps achieved in 3 minutes. The next three scores received will be the times it took the athlete to complete those individual events. NOTE – our scoring system will calculate the times in which it took to complete each individual section…please do not attempt to do so yourself when you enter your score. The fifth and final scoring point for the day will be the total time it took to complete today’s events. That will be the same number that the athlete enters for their Event 10 time.
This means that while you may beat an athlete in the overall time, you may still place below them on one or two components of the workout. Pace yourself accordingly, and understand that if you’re too conservative in the pacing it could bite you on the early events.

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