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Competitive Fitness 12.17.13


Competitive Fitness 12.17.13

Congrats Sandra on your first muscle up, all I heard was a big yell from the other side of the gym. Proud of you!!


Prep Work:

3 sets not for time
Nose-To-Wall Handstand Hold x 60 seconds
Pistols x 3-4 reps each leg
Butterfly Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups x 10 reps
(working on rhythm and efficiency)

Olympic Lifting:

10 Min EMOM
Power Clean x 2 reps @ 80-85% of 1-RM Clean


Back Squat

Set 1 – 5 reps @ 75%
Set 2 – 3 reps @ 85%
Set 3 – 1 rep @ 90%
Sets 4-6 – 5 reps @ 85%
Rest 2-3 minutes between sets.


4 sets for time
Row 350 Meters
Rest exactly 60 seconds

Cool Down:


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13 Responses

  1. Dave

    Prep work was good. Nose to wall is good stuff. Butterfly C2B’s coming along. No pistols yet. Good morning warm ups.
    175lb for Oly. Good mornings in place of squats. 3X5 135, 3X3 175. Only did 2 rounds of row. Was feeling the KNEE!!! It’s all good. Just keep coming and work around whatever is giving you issues!!
    Congrats Sandra!! You almost had a few on Saturday!!

  2. Claudilla

    Sandra has been working so hard on getting those dang muscle ups! I’m so happy and proud of all her hard work and dedication! You go girl 🙂

  3. Claudilla

    My squats are feeling so much better! My form feels good. I’ve gotten so many tips from Coach Marcos and Coach B! I used to have a heavier squat, until I realized my form was completly wrong and I had to scale back to the bar. Today demolished my legs but I loved every second of it. The rowing was brutally good. The last 350 meters was hard! I managed to average 2:13-2:18 on the rower. My squats were at 120-105 depending on percentage.
    I started with 85lbs on the cleans then up’d my wight to 95lbs…I think I could have done 105 (which is my max clean) but I stayed with the percentage and didn’t max out or try to PR in a WOD. Although I probably could have cause I felt good, and that power clean PR is from earlier in the year. The butterfly pullups are not there for me…I think I can get maybe one but there would be no way I could link them (yet). Overall a great day at the box! I was feeling good today.

    1. Claudilla

      I think I read the rower wrong I averaged 2:13-18 for 500 meters I didn’t take note of how long it actually took me to finish the 350, my bad 🙁

  4. HeatherD

    My last cleans were at 95. I squats were up to 130, but I had to do the 5 rep sets at the end at 80% because my form was really suffering. The rows at the end were a nice touch! 1:25 on the first then slower by about 10-20 sec on the following rounds.

  5. Lindsay Sinnes

    Good Day!! Did 105# on the Power Clean EMOM; BackSquats 1)135, 2)155; 3)180; 4-6)155; Rows by Round 1)1:21.1 2)1:23.8; 3)1:25.5 and 4)1:25.6.

  6. Eric Dean

    My handstands are getting better, still need to stabilize with my arm for pistols and need work on my butterfly technique, but that’s what I dig about the programming…I have to WORK! Does it get a little frustrating not being able to get a single rep on some movements? Yep, but that’s what motivates me to keep coming back. My elbow was still bothering me on the Power Cleans but I still managed 185lbs a couple times and my squats have gotten exponentially better thanks to Coach B. The row is definitely a strong suit for me…4 rds / 350M in 4:24. got the first 350 in 60 secs flat! Now to get my elbow healthy so I can get those butterflies.

  7. Brynnen

    Back to the drawing board. After a month off, my body needs some WORK. feels good to be back. For the prep work: my pistols were assisted by a box and I just worked on the rhythm of my kip. Hand stand holds got better as I got warm.
    For the squats: 180×5, 205×3, 220×1 but couldn’t complete the last 3 rds at 205 as my body was done.
    Power cleans: used 130 and felt great. Working on keeping my motions continuous, not station to station.
    On the row my times were: 1:19,1:20,1:21 & 1:20. Again working on less jerking and more smooth motions.
    My body hurts so good now!

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