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Competitive Fitness 12.21.13


Competitive Fitness 12.21.13

Prep Work

Team Stretch

Keep a running clock for all portions of this workout.

3 rds of
Double-Unders x 40 reps
Toes to Bar x 15 reps

When the clock hits 5:00, perform the following:

3 rds of
15 Thrusters (135/95 lbs)
20 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

When the clock hits 15:00, perform the following:

3 rds of
15 Deadlifts (245/175 lb)
20/15 Handstand Push-Ups

Cool down

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3 Responses

  1. Dave

    Yes to a great bunch of athletes!!
    Made it through first round in time. Did C&J instead of thrusters. Got 1 rnd plus 16. Finished WOD at 29:44. 3rd portion was taxing but went well. Just tried to keep moving.

  2. Marcos Ramos

    Well getting back to it slowly after hurting myself last Friday… Was able to do the first portion and my knew feels ok.. Took me a little under 4 minutes… T2b did fives the whole time… these are a work in progress.. Part 2 ended up doing barbell row with 135lbs instead of the thrusters. (no squatting until next friday) got this in a little under 14min in thing… last portion used 135lbs for deadlift.. rested enough to be able to do the handstand push ups unbroken.. First round was strict.. 2nd kipped last 10, and 3rd round i think i kipped all of them.. finished in 19:55 i think… This would have sucked doing the thrusters and deadlift at heavier weight… Good job everyone.

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