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Friday 06.21.13


Friday 06.21.13

“The worst program in the world, if you believe in it 100%, is better than a great program that you don’t believe in.” – Lynn Jones


CFRplatforms down

So there has been some confusion with the different levels that I program once in a while( you will see a lot more of this). Just so everyone is on the same page, sometimes I will program 3 different levels of workouts, Level #1, Level #2, and Strength & Performance(you are only to do one). For those of you that are looking to gain strength or are at a competitor level or eventually would like to compete. Strength and Performance is the program I would recommend for you, please note that Level 2 and Strength and Performance program sometimes will not be for someone new to the sport. With this being said I would recommend that you pick a Level that will challenge you but at the same time you will benefit from and follow that program.(feel free to talk to me about what you should follow). Here is where I am going with the different levels of programs. If you RX a workout but it took you 10 to 15 minutes longer than the average person, in my opinion you should have scaled the workout, every workout has a reasoning behind it and when I program conditioning workouts majority of the time everyone should be finishing relatively close to similar times. So what are you getting at? When people say that anyone can do CrossFit I do believe that to be true, but what I see a lot is people get so caught up in RXing a workout and end up defeating the purpose of the workout. Mechanics are crap, intensity is lost because you are staring at the bar more than you are actually moving, don’t get me wrong there is a time and place to suck it up and gut it out, and yes there are some workouts that times will be all over the place, but the majority of the time everyone should finish somewhat close to the same time(dont overthink this). I guess all I am trying to say, is be smart we are here to train for the long run, don’t be afraid to bring the weight down during a workout if you feel that your form isn’t there, trust me you will benefit from this in the long run.


Level #1&2

Prep Work:

3 Rounds

5 Over head squats no heavier than 135/95

5 Ring dips

100m run



overhead squats, 95/65


ring dips

*If you can overhead squat more than 225/155 please use 115/75

*If you can’t do ring dips, please do 2 time pushups.

*If your OHS isn’t there do a front squat.

-Post weight and time to comments

Cool Down:

3-5 min jump rope


Strength and Performance:

Prep Work:

2 x 30 Second Table Top Stretch R/L

2 x 30 Front Foot Plate Elevated Samson Stretch.


Press 10×10; rest 90 sec

Bent over barbell rows 10×10; rest 90 sec

-Post weight to comments

Cool Down:

3-5 min jump rope


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