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Friday 06.28.13


Friday 06.28.13

So our intro class for this Saturday is full! We will be having another one July, 13th. Click here for more upcoming events. Note, this does not mean you can’t show up to our regular classes, just help us out and remember to RSVP. Also a quick reminder we are now at the new facility , and one last thing starting this Monday we will be running a full schedule. click here for schedule.

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Hope all of you are rested because guess what? Yup it’s what you all will learn to love or hate. SQUATS!!

I am sure I am going to confuse you with the programing today. I tried to make it as easy as possible. Basically you have options. Everyone will do B and F. You will have the choice of only doing one of the following A, C, or D. To complicate things even more, if you are going to do A do the Power Snatches(a) before the Front squats(b). If you are going to do C, do the Front Squats(b) First. If you are going to do D, do the front squats first(b).

A1: Power Snatch 5,5,5

A2: Broad jumps 8,8,8- Rest 3 min

B: Front Squat 10, 10, 10, 10+ (AMRAP) Rest 3 minutes

C1: Deadlift 5,5,5

C2: Broad jumps 8,8,8 – rest 3 minutes

D: 3 rounds of the following

1 round consist of

3 x15 cal airdyne

10 wall balls 10’/8’

Rest 2 minutes between rounds

F: Row 700m or run 800m

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