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Friday 07.19.13


Friday 07.19.13


Prep Work:

3 rounds

7 Band over head wall facing squats.

Banded hip extensions 30 sec left 30 sec right (demo video) – First exercise he demos


Front Squat 6,6,6,6- rest 2-3 minutes between sets.

Tempo is 3 second decent explode out of the bottom position. When you reach the top of your squat immediately start your 3 second decent again. No resting at the top.

-Post weight and results to comments


21-15-9 reps for time of:
overhead squats, 95 lbs/65
burpees over bar

Go faster if 95lbs/65lbs isn’t heavy for you.

Post weight and time to comments.

Cool Down:

500m row

6 Responses

    1. Jeremy Sinnes

      21-15-9 Over Head Squats-75 pounds and Burpees over the bar

      •Front Squats
      205 x 6
      225 x 6
      255 x 6
      255 x 3

  1. sandra

    115-125-135-155 fail at three reps. OHS after
    sucking wind that sucked because the box felt
    literally like an OVEN.

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