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Friday 12.16.16


Friday 12.16.16

“What we think, we become.”

Thank you! The term “thank you” is an understatement! This year has been phenomenal for us at CrossFit Reformation and it is all because of our wonderful members. When contemplating how we can show how grateful we are, an idea came to mind. This year we are giving out a free 1 month gift card ($120 value) to every single member. We figure what better way to say how much we appreciate you then letting you share the gift of fitness with your family and friends. So next time you show up to the gym, ask for your gift card and know that we love our members! 

The Rules: This gift card can not be applied to your own membership or the membership of a past client. Cannot be used for our Beginner/On ramp course(cannot be transferred to another member ).

Merry Christmas!!!! – Jose Ramos


Prep Work

3 min AMRAP

50′ each

Bear crawl

Burped broad jump

Then warm up movements for workout


14 min AMRAP

7 muscle-ups

50 wall-ball shots

100 double-unders
*If you dont have muscle ups sub it out for 20 pull ups/20 Ring dips

2 set

10 T-spine wall press

10X Figure 4 /clamshell
Cool Down


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