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Friday 5.13.16


Friday 5.13.16

This Saturday at 8am!! Come get your mobility on! Give your body a chance to actively recover, work out some of the mobility restrictions that continue to haunt you and learn how to change some of the bad habits leaving you at risk of injury and feeling tore up after the workout. This is a FREE class instructed by our awesome @maleegardner 

Prep Work
5 min Run/Row/Airdyne

2 min single skip jump rope

2X6 drinking birds

2X6 leg pumps


4X7 Dead Lift

Each set should get heavier (Same weights as last week)

*Perform These in a reset fashion

4 rounds for time

26 wall ball shots

13 pull ups

12 min Cap
Consider this a “repeat” workout so compare to last weeks workout. Ideally shaving off :30+ seconds for this.

10 min Airdyne ride 60% effort
Cool Down


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