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Friday 1.15.16


Friday 1.15.16

Prep work
50′ inch worm push up
2X10 air squats 
2X10 Russian swings
2X10 PVC pass through


3rounds of 
1min 15 American swings 70/53+max burpees
Rest2 min in between rds

2 rounds for individual times 
1k row
40 wall balls
5 power snatch 155/115
12 burpees over the bar 
5 power snatch 185/135
5 wall walks or 12 burpees over the bar 
Rest 5min between each round.
30min time cap
Goal time under 11:00
*if needed modify wall ball shots to a squat and press (thruster with the med ball) we are getting closer and closer to the open so we will be practicing certain movements more frequently .

Pasco athletes

10 min of :30 on :30 off on either row or airdyne
Then lots of mobility
Cool down
Post results 

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