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General/ Competitive 04.04.14

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  1. BG

    Prep Work was great!
    Luv Me Some Bear crawl and crab crawl… Remind of a beer crawl I did once lol
    WOD 53kb… Lost my form on a few steps. Got pretty heavy.
    DU tying to tie them together and wall balls were slow.
    OT: Pull Ups…. Used 40 lbs weighted Vest ( Just for show and tell )
    Nice work 5 am crew!’

  2. Trish

    That warm up was brutal :/ today was rough for me realized I’m definitely NOT 100% recovered from this cold yet. WOD -did 2 1/2 rounds. Practiced the pull ups with the purple band and rowed 1000m

  3. Chadly

    Prep work was rough on the triceps!
    Wod with 70lb KB – destroyed me. Couldn’t breathe while walking.
    3 rounds ended at 11:45.
    Did 3-2-1-2-3 on pull ups.
    Getting back into shape! Thanks everyone 🙂

    The wifey and I will see you all tomorrow at 10am. (please destroy her with a hard WOD)

  4. Jim Johnston

    The warm up was kinda tough when it got the the Crabwalks, it put a lot of tension on my shoulder.
    Did the WOD with a 53#KB, got in 3.75 Rounds. Was able to do DU’s unbroken 1st set, then 2nd and 3rd 25 unbroken followed by 5’s. wish I could do 14.1 again.
    Accessory work was good!

  5. Clint Hays

    Got through the three rounds of prep work and was ready to head home after that. Got the heart rate up and had a good sweat going for the workout.
    Workout was tough but good. Used a 62# KB and a 25 ball and did double unders during the WOD. Ended up getting 4 rounds plus one walk down. Wasn’t able to get back inside before time ran out. KB got really heavy by the end and was very challenging for my whole midsection. Broke up the wall balls in sets of 5 every round. Went unbroken on the DU’s until the 4th round.
    Got through all of the strict pullups. Used a mixed grip and went CTB pullups for each set. Shoulders and lats were pretty smoked by the end. Great workout!

  6. Samm

    3, sooooo close to 4 rounds! Time to learn double unders. 35KB, walks were pretty brutal, 14lb wall balls felt good. Pull ups after with the green band. Fun little 9 am class! RESULTS POSTED, B!

  7. Marcos

    Prep Work: Yeah, that was good until the crazy crab walk. Only did two rounds, this kicked my butt.

    Wod: used 70lbs for KB and 25lb wall ball.

    Had a goal of 5 rounds and that went bad in the 2nd round. KB was heavy. Broke up wall balls in 5 after round 2 got 3+halfway through the 2nd set of KB walk.

    Acc work was good, unbroken for each set. Did I go you go with Gabe , will and d-mar

  8. Vanessa Esquivel

    That warm up had me sweating, but it was good! As I mentioned in class I suck at keeping track but I’m pretty sure I made it through 3 rounds and ended at 12 wall balls in the 4th round. I used the blue tape KBs (forgot to check on the weight) and lost my form a bit on those, especially on the left side. I used the 14# ball for wall balls and need to work on my form with those as well. I also modified the double unders with 90 singles. Good WOD!!

  9. Trell

    Bear crawl and crab walk? Yeah I got that…. WOD 3 rounds plus 30m R with a 35lb KB, 14lb wall ball and did 90 singles. ACC 5-4-3-2-1 unbanded. 2-3-4-5 with the little red band!

  10. Warm-Up: Done

    Workout: 3 and a 1/2 rounds. Started with a 53 KB, went down to 44 after first round. Didn’t move that fast, but everything felt pretty good.

    Worked up to a heavy power clean in between pull-ups, got 165#.

    Cool Down: Did all pull ups and chins unbroken.

    And I got to train with B today…in the SUNSHINE!!!!!

  11. Tina

    Crab walking is not fun 🙁

    Feels good to do a WOD. I have been trying to test the waters with my wrist. So far so good 🙂 I have not any pain 🙂

    The WOD…I totally underestimated this workout …I started with a 62lb kb and then quickly realized a made a mistake. Then jumped down to 44lb. On my right I used a 26lb kb. I used a 16lb wall ball. My double unders were in fire!!!! I made it through 3 + second set of kb walk.

    Pull-ups …yeah let’s not talk about it 🙂

    I am really anxious to get a barbell in these hands 🙂

  12. Prep work was challenging,did 90 singles short of 3 rounds. Used 45lb kb and 20lb wall ball.Did pull ups with green band and rowed 1500 meters.Felt great,liked the wod.

  13. Judith

    The pre work out was a mini workout… 12min wod. Use the 35lb kb, 20lb ball. Did three full rounds, 30m R side, 12 wall balls and 30m L side. Did all the stricked pull ups. Use the small orange band on the last 4, and 5 stricked ones.

  14. Eterna

    Sorry I’m a day late :/ I did the wod with a 26lb kettle bell.

    3 full rounds plus 15 secs into R-30m walk.

    Still using a red band for my strict pull ups. Slowly but surely!

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