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General/ Competitive 04.05.14


General/ Competitive 04.05.14

Prep work
Team stretch

Team Angie
You and one partner complete the following as fast as possible

100 pull ups
100 push ups
100 sit ups
100 squats

ACC work
If doing this squat challenge you will not be doing “Angie”.
From Dan Johns 6 challenges this one is number one
50 rep back squat at body weight…

Mandatory ACC work
1000m run (800mark plus 200) @80% depending on how you feel adjust the run.

Cool down
Post results

17 Responses

  1. sandra

    With my awesome partner lindsey we did it in 16:21. We did pull ups split into 10s toward rhe end I did 20s to help give lindsey a break. She did awesome like always she smiled the whole way through. push ups split into 10s last two rounds into 5s. Then crunches and air squats we split into 25s.
    Then I ran all the way to the end of the street around the corner to 40th and back up to nob hill and back to the box. 8:25.
    Then I did 2miles on aire dine 63 cal.

  2. Rachel Kruger

    Did the squat challenge
    125# 32 times
    It wasn’t pretty I’m sure but I gave it everything I had! My one rep max in November was 145. So, I’m pretty pleased with 32 reps!

      1. Rachel Kruger

        Thank you! I felt like a piece of crap for not being able to do all 50. But after I sat back and looked at my log I realized on paper it wasn’t too shabby!
        Wow do my legs hurt! O_o

  3. So i was crazy tight from my hips, and hamstrings today. Didn’t realize it until i started the team stretch. Did it twice and felt better then did about 5 min squat test while i warmed up the 11am class. Did the 50 rep squats at 185lbs. Got it in 3:02 Felt good, breathing got a little crazy at the end. Tried to slow it down after 25 to regulate my breathing and it helped a little, picked up the pace on the last 5.

    Running felt good. Been liking the running lately. Especially with the nice weather.

  4. Clint Hays

    Did the squats instead of Angie. Didn’t feel very good. Cycling weight like that is definitely my number one weakness in crossfit. I know a lot of it mental but I struggle with things like that big time. Got 30 reps at 170#. Didn’t feel good when I got to 25 but pushed for 5 more reps. Lower back got really tight and uncomfortable so I dropped. Did a lot of mobility afterwards to try to loosen up but didn’t help much. I’ll be stretching the rest of the day.

  5. Judith

    I did the squats @ body weight. I did the squats since my shoulder hurts during pulls ups. Manage to do all 50 reps at 140lb, I think the time was 4:21. I didn’t think I was going to make it. Run 1200m at 70% nice and easy it felt good. Did a lot of mobility. My legs and calfs were very tights they still are.

  6. Sarah P

    Partner WOD with Sarah J pretty even split between the 2. Banded pull ups and knee push ups. 1000m run in 6ish min (so not a runner).

  7. Lindsay Sinned

    Whoop Whoop! Teamed up with Sandra – she’s awesome!! Finished at 16:21. Pretty excited, did all pull ups without a band and learned a quicker movement on my kip-thank you Sandra 🙂
    Ran the 1000 meters in 7 minutes. Felt great!

  8. Trish

    Did the WOD with Kerri – we got 16:00. We split everything into sets of 10 except the pullups we split into sets of 5. Super sore! Kerri ran to the end of the road. My cough is still there and wasn’t quite ready for running. So I rowed 2000m. Actually sad that I can’t run even though it’s not my favorite I want to practice more. 🙁 good workout today!

  9. Did wod with my daughter Breanne,14:43was our time.Broke the pull ups in10,with green band,the pushups in10’s,she did pushups from knees.Then we broke the squats and sit ups in 20’s then10’s.We both ran a 5k that morning and felt better after the wod!

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