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General/ Competitive Fitness 04.01.14


General/ Competitive Fitness 04.01.14

    Well Guys the Crossfit Open is FINALLY over! Great work to everybody who signed up and competed. Personally I am very happy to get back to regular training. We had some amazing performances and I am VERY proud to say we have an athlete moving onto the next stage!!! That athlete is our very own Gina Cacchiotti-Wellner, She will be asked to complete yet another set of challenging workouts in a few weeks. With all that being said we will have a “simple” week at the gym 😉 Get ready for some fun.

How are those 3,6,12 Months goals going? Have the previous injuries improved overall? Any additional injuries?
Please give us some info on how everything is progressing.

If you were not here please email Marcos and Brenden with the following
-A Few Goals 3,6,12 Months out
-Some background information-Previous sports, Hobbies, Career
-Any previous injuries that we should know about. Getting to know our clients will help our program and overall experience at Crossfit Reformation

Prep Work
3 Rds of
10 45lb Stiff legged dead lifts
10 Banded Pass throughs
5 Controlled push ups ( :05 Fully extended, :05 1/2 Way down, :05 2inches above the ground)

“Half Linda”
deadlift – 1.5X your body weight
bench – body weight (If needed Scale by using Double KB’s For a Floor press)
clean – .75X body weight

10-8-6-4-2  Of Each lift

Rest up…

Cool Down
Post results

36 Responses

  1. BG

    I will post for Clint (BFF)
    Bench Press 185
    Squat Cleans 125
    Dead Lift 225.
    Time….. Unstoppable!
    But really that was a good 3 combo WOD. Deloading what.??? Luv me some 5am crew!
    Welcome back Chad P:

  2. Dave

    185 bench, 275 dead, 135 squat clean. 14:13. Good job to all! That was a good one! Good programming Brenden (heard u were responsible. Lol)

  3. Brad L.

    I don’t know what time I finished the WOD. Good WOD though!
    Deadlift – 225lbs
    Bench Press – I did 135 for the first 3 sets, then 165lbs for the last sets
    Cleans – I started with 155 but I had to scale back the weight to 95 or 115. I need to work on the cleans.

  4. Jim

    I liked this WOD, it was tough and kicked my butt as they usually do. Did 275# for Dead Lifts, only did 125# for Bench (haven’t benched in years and didn’t know what my shoulder would allow). Did 135# for Squat Cleans. Took me 20:20.

  5. jramos1808

    Felt a lot better today. did 170 Bench unbroken, 245 Deadlift and got my numbers wrong on the clean using a 35 pound bar but was CRUSHING 105 instead of 125 🙂


  6. Chadly

    Sweet baby jesus. Richard L. is a BEAST!!! I have never wanted to weigh less than I did this morning as I finished my set of 10. I finished in 23 minutes and something… didn’t care at that point 🙂 That was exhausting.

    Deadlift: 345 lbs
    Bench: 225 lbs for 10-8; 205 for 6-4-2
    Clean: 185 lbs

    Total weight moved this morning: 22,410 lbs
    Oh what a “simple” week.

  7. Rema Imperial

    Dead Lift:165
    Bench Press:65
    Overall time:14:21
    I should have added more weight on my cleans. A lot of moving weights today guys.

  8. Based off 180lbs for numbers.

    Prep work, Done. Push ups were cool, different.

    Deadlift 275, was able to go unbroken the whole time(surprised)
    Power Clean 135. (sorry morning crew) B told me later they were power cleans:)
    Bench, 180.

    got it in 6:40.

    Liked this WOD. Forearms were tight afterwards, think from the deadlift and clean combo, if it was any longer i wouldn’t have strung together sets for the power clean.s


  9. Tiffany Carley

    Deadlift: 225
    Bench Press: 55 went light. Had never done bench press before
    Clean: 85 started at 105 but had to scale
    Time: 14:30

  10. Lindsay Sinnes

    That was fun!! Loved teaming up with Tanya and Judith!! Whoop Whoop!
    DL @175#
    Power Clean@95#
    Time: 11:45

  11. Will

    Awsome workout!!! I weigh 175

    185 bench
    275 dead lift
    135 clean
    For a total of 17850 lbs benched, cleaned. Or dead lifted during the workout! Felt great all the way through..we were done an decided to work on some muscle ups… Fun

  12. Ryan "Red" Smith

    Great one today!!! Thanks to the 3:30 crew for letting me jump right in!
    275 Dead lift
    165 Bench
    135 Clean
    Love the heavy lifts with no running!!!! 🙂

  13. Eterna

    I wasn’t too sure about my abilities today because it’s been a minute since I checked my numbers, so I played it safe for the first ones and then added weight as I started to get a feel for it.

    Deadlifts:145lbs for reps 10-8
    And 165lbs for 6-2

    Bench Press:45lbs for 10-8
    55lbs for 6-2
    (I played it safe on this because I’ve never done bench presses before) yay for PRs! :oP

    Cleans: 85lbs for 10-8
    105lbs for 6-2

    I’m not sure what time I finished because I forgot to look at the clock. But my guesstimation would be around 13:30.

  14. Eric Dean

    315lb – Deadlift (10lbs over my 1.5x)
    145lb – Clean (12.5lbs under .75x)
    135lb – Bench (75lbs under my BW)
    Time – 13:20

    Definitely need to work on my bench but over all a good WOD. A little tweak in my elbow kept my clean and bench on the light side.

  15. Mandi

    Dead lift -155#, went light with bench press because I hadn’t done it before-55#. Clean-65#. Don’t remember my time.

  16. Gabe Ramos

    Went off 165 lbs…

    Bench – 165
    Deadlift – 245
    Cleans – 125

    Time was 7:50 (legs still dead from yesterdays open workout)

  17. Janet

    Congrats to Gina for moving on! Great work lady!

    210 DL
    95 Bench Press for first set than did 105 for next sets
    105 clean


  18. Trish

    DL – 85#
    BP – kettle bells
    Cln – 55#
    Time: 8:23
    First time ever in my life using weight..still learning technique so I know to push next time a little harder weight

  19. Brynnen

    Ok so yeah either I have to get a lot stronger or smaller. I had to scale the weights for all of the lifts.
    I used 185# for DL, 125# for bench and 155# for cleans.
    I finished in 12:41. I liked this WOD. it was hard, but chippers are my favourite.

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