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General/ Competitive Fitness 04.16.14

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  1. BG

    Really like the pre work.
    Back against the wall was a good stretch.
    Did not do max Thurster. ( back was tight)
    So I just stretched my back.
    WOD: Jackie Chain….
    I knew that I was going to go slow on thrusters so I would of been happy with 9:40-10:00 minutes, but gave it all and got it just under 9:00 minute. Came in at 8:59 :):)
    This was my 1st doing it. So PR BABY!!!
    Came off the rower at 4:15 4:20
    Thrusters did : 15, 10, 10, 15
    Pull Ups 10,10.10…

    Did another 15 pulls ups for show & tell 🙂

  2. Andrew

    Thrusters were fun. Got a new PR on my clean at 175lbs, but didn’t get it overhead for a thruster. Finished Jackie at 10:47.

  3. Irina

    PRed at 115 on split jerks(I do what I want)

    … Just kidding I asked Marcos if it was ok. My knee isn’t a happy camper today, wanted to save what it had for Jackie.

    Jackie-10:52 not as bad as I thought. My rowing isn’t very efficient.

  4. PR’d my thruster @ 130lb cleaned 135 but couldn’t get it overhead.

    PR’d my 1000m row but I wasn’t supposed to do that… 3:45

    Thusters killed me after the Row did 10,10,10,10,5,5

    Pull ups 10,7,5,5,3

    Finished out at 11:50

  5. jramos1808

    Did 185 for thruster and my wrist started to hurt. Loaded 215 but took it of because my wrist felt worst.
    Felt good on the row tried to keep it under 2 min until the last 200 meters I was at a 2:03ish pace I wanted my heart rate to come down a bit.
    Thrusters: 30-10-10 (went a little fast on the first 30 did not follow my own advise)
    Pull ups: 10- 5- !@#%&^* (Just get it done)
    time was 7:13

    Note: I dont know if the wrist was a factor but grip was a bit beat form yesterdays “fun”

  6. Brad L.

    Did 115# for Thruster. I probably could have gone heavier but I wanted to save my energy for the WOD (which didn’t help).
    WOD: I kept my pace under 2 mins. on the rower but was slow the rest of the WOD. Thrusters were broken – 20,10,10,5,5. Pullups were, let’s just say, I need to work on kipping pullups…and double unders. Finished in 10:26.

  7. Prep Work
    20X T-spine Wall press
    50′ Lunge Step
    30Sec Behind the neck Barbell drop

    Well today was everything that i suck at when it comes to mobility, loved this prep work and need to do this a lot more.

    Take 15 min to work up to a max thruster

    135,155,175,185,205,225, 240f, 240 got it.



    1000M row
    50 45lb thrusters
    30 Pull ups

    last time i did this was about 6:40 isn i think. thruster were slower and i broke the pull ups. Hit 6:10 today and was able to go unbroken, felt really good actually.

    Cool Down
    triceps and front of my shoulders are crazy tight, worked on them for a bit, but need more work.

    Overall good week so far, a little beat up, but glad i trained today. PR’d my thruster and my Jackie time.


  8. Jim

    Enjoyed the workout today. I only got to 145# on the Thrusters, tried 155 but couldn’t get it it fully locked out.
    For Jackie – I got 9:05, i guess I’m ok with that. Pull-ups were all unbanded and strict, did 4 sets of 5 then 10 singles.

  9. sandra

    Thruster 125lbs
    Prd my jackie time 8:59
    From 9:45 I think. Row alot better died on tbrusters did 25 then 10s never set the bar on ground. Pull ups freeken ay I didnt find a rhythm. I just chipped away. . Ayyyy I need need need to work on my pulls ups.

  10. Eterna

    Got up to 110# for the thruster… Almost had 115… I got it next time. ;oP

    Finished the wod in 13:31… Gotta work on my pullups. That’s what slowed me down the most.

  11. Tina

    Max thruster – just did some with 65lbs …not ready for big weight yet. Trying to play it safe with my wrist.

    Jackie – 8:55 my old time was 8:30…I will take it 🙂 row was 4:11 thrusters unbroken and pull-ups took some getting used to. Had to do singles towards the end. My forearms and chest are a little sore from this week 🙂

    Wrist is feeling good and it feels good to be back somewhat. Being injured is not only physically challenging but mentally challenging as well. I want to say thank you to all of my friends that have helped pick me up when I was feeling down. We truly have an awesome support group.

  12. Chris (Boom Squad)

    I came, I saw, I conquered.
    Didn’t do anything else but stretch, and prep work. Had to cut it short due to obligations.

    JACKIE (CRUSHED IN UNDER TEN) Got to say I’m happy.

    9:44 – forearms however cramped up immediately after and were painful. See you guys next week.

  13. Chela

    Got up to 100 lbs on thrusters failed at 105 lbs 🙁
    Jackie is a nasty Biotch!lol
    Completed it in 12:13 PR’d Jackie by 18sec!

  14. Brynnen

    Worked out with Gina again!! Last day before the Masters WOD’s announced!! Today we did 5 rounds of hang clean, front squat and clean. Did 105, 135, 155, 160, 165. No failed attempts.
    WOD was 3 rounds not for time of:
    1000m row
    5 C&J 135#
    10 BURPEE box overs
    15 T2B

    Due to lack of rowers I ran 800m for the first 2 rounds. 135 C&J seemed heavy but I got through. Burpees….well that just kinda sucked. Then I did K2E working on my push back and engaging my lats.
    Good WOD. Felt pretty wasted at the end but still able to stand.
    Jackie coming up tomorrow!!

  15. Ryan

    Did thruster 145#
    Jackie 10:26
    Pretty stoked on time.
    Good mark to beat next time.
    Rower kept under 1:45 for first 600 1:50-1:55 for last 400
    10,10…… Thrusters
    10,10,5,5 pull ups
    Shoulder were aching

  16. HeatherD

    Way to go Brynnen and Gina!!!
    I did 95 lbs on thrusters and (I think) 12:53 on Jackie.
    Thanks to Marcos and Brenden getting me through 1 pull-up at a time x 30.

  17. Have trouble with overhead movements,so only did 115lb on thruster.Did Jackie in 13.29.Prep work was good i will need a lot of work on those movements.I really liked the wod,will be glad to have a day off on Thursday.

  18. Tashina

    Thruster – upto 115# it was intense.
    Jackie- 10:39. I felt heavy and sluggish. I think my previous time was about a min less. But I also did 20,15,15 before on the thrusters and used a skinny band for pull ups. This time did sets of 10’s and finished with 3 sets of 5’s and performed pull-ups without a band! So I’ll take it.

  19. Zane

    Learned a new shoulder mobility stretch. I dig it.

    Thruster – 235
    Attempted 255 & failed. Got greedy. 245 was probably doable. Next time.

    Got a PR on Jackie. 8:43
    Last try was around 9:20

    I should have connected the thrusters as Marcos suggested, but I wimped out 🙂
    8:00 or better is doable if I get more comfortable in the “dark place”. There’s no reason I can’t connect 50 thrusters at 45lbs.

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