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General/ Competitive Fitness 04.21.14


General/ Competitive Fitness 04.21.14

“Your body can handle more than your mind thinks it can. Don’t let that little boss in your head beat you; go out there and show it that you are the boss!” -Josh Bridges

Prep Work
2X:30 Couch stretch
2X:30 Table Top stretch-Towards belly button
1X:30 Soleus stretch

Squat ladder
Level One
start with a weight of your choice and complete the following (add weight for each set, If you get to a new 1RM go for it!)

Level Two
135X5, 185X5, 225X3, 265X3, 295X2 ,315X2, 335X1, 355X1

95X5, 125X5, 155X3, 185X3, 205X2, 215X2, 225X1, 235X1

For these squat you will only have 1:30 to rest and add additional weight. You may have a partner help you add weight and squat while you rest. If you fail to complete any of the sets move onto the Level1/2 portion.
****Must stick to weight schemes****No scaling weights

When you reach a set you cannot complete you will move onto the WOD when recovered
Level One
4 Rds of
400M run
15 Push ups
50 Single Skip jump rope

Level Two
4 Rds of
400M run
50 Double unders

ACC work
Max Strict pull ups
1st Set Overhand grip
2nd Set Underhand grip (Supinated/chin up)

Cool Down

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  1. Chris (Boom Squad)

    I’m sorta not looking forward to this one as I did something similar Friday and I’m still sore as hell. Ha! Went for max 1 rep of Backsquat, Jerk max 2 rep, and max 1 rep deadlift. Ladder ed up and laddered down lower weights were more reps.

  2. Vanessa Esquivel

    I love me some squats!! I did level 1 of the squat ladder WOD
    5x at 65 lbs
    5x at 75 lbs
    3x at 85 lbs
    3x at 95 lbs
    1x at 105 lbs
    1x at 115 lbs
    The 115 was a new PR for me.
    I did level 1 of the 2nd half of the WOD in 13:58 and did all of my push-ups from my feet instead of the knees this time! Also did a few pull ups at the end using the red band.

  3. BG

    Liking the prep-work for stretching.
    Level 1: 135,175,185,205,225,235….
    It’s the most I’ve done in over 5 months. Back felt really good. Worked on my form when exploding up. Tired to power through my legs and not use my back.

    WOD Level 1:
    4 Rounds For Time:
    400 M Run
    15 Push Ups
    50 Jump Rope
    felt pretty good on the run. I had a side ache at the start of the 2 round but made it happen.
    Good Monday WOD

  4. Andrew

    I love back squats. Successfully got both reps at 265, but failed on 295. Did Level 1 on the WOD and finished at 11:53.

  5. Trish

    Level 1 squats-
    5x- 55lbs
    5x- 75lbs
    3x- 85lbs
    3x- 105lbs
    1x- 125lbs
    1x- 135lbs
    (Did extra) 1x- 145lbs – 20lb PR!!!!!! YAY!!
    Level 1 WOD-20:30 had to stop for a couple min felt alittle dizzy breathing was tough but I made it through! Thanks for everyone’s positive/encouraging words to keep me moving, it’s always appreciated. Good workout.

  6. Brad L.

    Level 1 Squats:
    5 @ 135#
    5 @ 185#
    3 @ 215#
    2 @ 235# I wasn’t feeling the 3rd rep
    2 attempts of 255#. First attempt I didn’t get low enough. The last attempt was successful. New PR @ 255#!
    WOD: I went with Level 1. Finished at 11:32.

  7. Level 1 Squats with the girls weights on level 2.

    5 @ 95lb
    5 @ 135lb
    3 @ 155lb
    3 @ 185lb PR
    1 @ 205lb PR
    Failed @ 225lb

    I had it in my legs but my core isn’t sting enough to keep my chest up. I was very frustrated with that. Needless to say there are going to be some planks and hollow holds going down at my house all week. Weakness will not be tolerated.

    Level 1 WOD:


  8. Hannah Ramos

    Finished the back squats with two reps of 95. Did the level one WOD in 15 min. Max was 7 strict pull-ups using the smaller green band overhand, 5 underhand.

  9. Marcos

    Prep Work was awesome like always.

    Liked the ladder for level 2. Was happy that I got through 355. Used my nanos to switch things up. Actually felt good and focused and getting really low. Overall felt strong.

    Level 3 wod. Went strict HSPU to work in strength, was able to get them unbroken. Doubles were unbroken except for the 3rd round broke at 30ish. Total time was 11:31. Felt really good today.

    Acc. Pull ups 14 and 11. Would have not got 14 if jose wouldn’t have yelled that’s what he got.

  10. Sarah H

    This WOD got me if time mentally I truely want to cry and my eyes did water up… In squats only got 5x95ls, then 5x125lbs, got 1x 155lbs and could not get out of second rep had to bail- thinking 155lbs. Is my new PR- did level 1.5(!) 4×400 meter run, set 1- 15 push-ups and 50DU, set 2- 15 push-ups and a long struggle with DU’s thinking maybe five- then checked in with B and he said do two more mins and get what you can (sorry I said “can’t”)- set 3 ten push-ups and five knee push-ups. Got 20 DU’s Set 4 ten push-ups and five knee push-ups, wouldn’t stop tell I got 50 DU’s- 33:20

  11. Lee

    It was good day for me. I smashed my 1rm. From 185 to 235. I finished LVL 1 WOD in 11:56 and instead of regular push-ups I did ring push-ups.

  12. sandra

    95X5, 125X5, 155X3, 185X3, 205X2,

    Level Two
    4 Rds of
    400M run
    15 HSPU
    50 Double unders
    27:43 time. Hspu froom the floor thank you marcos for letting me use a shirt for a cussion.

    ACC work

  13. Eterna

    Level 2:

    BS- failed at 155#. I feel like I could’ve done it at least once but bailed out too early. Wa waaaaa.

    Wod: finished at 25:08mins

  14. Rema Imperial

    Level 2: on the back squat- I got to 155×3 failed at 185#
    Level 2: 4 rdsof 400m,15 HSPU and 50DU- finished at: 23:40. My arms were burned out sorry I did not do the max strict pull ups.

  15. Jim

    Did level 2 for both strength and WOD. For Squats I failed at 1 rep @ 265, I got it up but didn’t attempt a 2nd rep.
    For WOD I finished it at 19:49, did seated shoulder press with blue KB’s my right shoulder really struggled with these. Did DUs in unbroken sets of 25, last round did 50 DU’s unbroken.
    Good Monday gasser.

  16. Lindsay Sinnes

    Awesome Day! I’m still smiling πŸ™‚

    (combined total time 40:10)

    Level 2 BackSquat Ladder
    Previous Max @205
    Did 205×2 and 215×1 Whoop!

    Level 2 scaled some. Super excited because I did my first ever kipping HSPU!
    1) Run, 5 HSPU pulse 10 PU, and 2 minutes on double unders
    2) Run, 5 and 10 again, 2 minutes on double unders
    3) Run, 4 and 11, 2 minutes on double unders
    4) Run, 15 push ups, 2 minutes on double unders

    Feeling good! Ran with my Nike shoes. Legs feel awesome!

  17. Tiffany Carley

    Did Level 1 Back squats. I haven’t done a 1 rep max squat for so long I was super excited.
    5 @ 135
    5 @ 155
    3 @ 185
    3 @ 205
    1 @ 235
    1 @ 245
    60 pd PR today!!!! So glad my brother was there to push me. We have the same 1 rep max now πŸ™‚
    I’m 5 pds away from my 250 lb back squat goal. (I wanted to reach that goal by December) I still can’t believe how much I was able to squat. I keep checking the numbers in my head.
    WOD- Level 1 finished in 16:06. Running still a struggle for me but I keep moving.
    Pull-ups 5 forward and 5 reverse grip. Used large green band.
    Awesome Monday!!

  18. Tina

    Failed at 235 for the back squat…my 225 felt good πŸ™‚ …my mind is my own worst enemy.

    I am not sure it took somewhere around the 25 min mark.

    I have been using an abmat to do HSPU just to work back into it but I think I am ready to add plates or take the abmat away but I am kind of a baby because it hurts the top of my head.

    Double unders I feel like they are becoming Judith Arroyo quality. Marcos also made me stick with a rope so he may be on to something but I didn’t say that.

    Feels good to be back in action πŸ™‚

    And I also had an awesome partner πŸ™‚ Thanks Eterna for picking me πŸ™‚

  19. Matt Stiles

    I did Level 1 Squats
    5- 135#
    5- 225#
    3- 275#
    3- 295#
    1- 315#
    1- 335# (Fail, but got ass to ankles like Marcos wanted. Good to feel it at least)

    WOD: I had to change it up a bit cause of calf inj.
    I did 4 rds of 500m row, 15 push ups, 50 russian twist w WallBall
    Time: 15:58

    ACC: Strict Max Overhand 13 pullups
    Strict Max Underhand 12 pullups

  20. Ja

    Did level two
    Back squat got to 215. Did only one rep, good day thou. Wod:18:17 used the ab mat thou.. Acc workout pull ups. I did 3 and 4. Lol shoulders were done after all the hspu.

  21. Ran a 1 mile for time because I couldn’t make it Saturday and I got a time of 6:01


    Didn’t do the WOD because I did the mile before. I did do 17 strict unbroken HSPU’s which is a new best for me and 10 strict pull ups

  22. Trish F.

    Level 1
    5,5,5 = 15lbs bar
    3,3,3 = 35lbs
    3,3,3 = 65lbs
    1,1,1 = 65lbs
    1,1,1 = 65lbs
    Thanks for the help Marcos

    Finished my 4 rds in 19:50
    Single jumps at 60 and 4 sets of knee pushups plus 5 regular

  23. Did 135-5,185-5,225-3,245-1,on the back squats.245lb is a new pr for me,I was happy.Level one on the wod was finished in 22:09.Did 9 pull ups and 7 chin ups with skinny green band. Overall was a great wod,glad to finanly get a pr!!

  24. Jonathan Douglas

    Its a good day when we squat . Legs felt really good got through 355 solid. The wod I was up against time, did appreciate Brendens help with the HSPU actually successfully got a couple kipping pushups done. If only my double unders today were present during the open! All good though finally getting DUs down. Feels good to be back.

  25. Susana R

    Did level 2 for squats: I only did 155…… Felt really heavy today… Haven’t done squats in a long whole.

    Modified the 2nd WOD, rowed 500m, did 15 push ups, and 50 Russian twists…… First 3 round I freaking did 100 Russian twits….. Dumb! Finished in 20:17. It hurt so good! Lol

  26. Claudilla

    Good day!
    I did level 2 on BS and got through 3 reps of 155 lbs. new pr for me, although that last rep I think I barely got to parallel, but I’ll take it none the less πŸ™‚
    WOD I also did level 2 w a few modifications.
    Round 1- 400 m run, 15 hspu w 2 ab mats and 50 du’s
    Round 2- 400 me jog (lol) it was hard to run after 50 du’s
    Came back and did 6 hspu took a break and did 5 more then I did one push-up to Make up for the missed hspu. Again 50 du’s
    Round 3- jog/power walk/jog 400 m came back and did 6
    Hspu and 6 push-ups 50 very broken du’s
    Round 4- jog/walk 400 m came back and did 6 then 4 the 1 and 1 and 1 and 1 hspu finished w 50 very broken du’s. My legs and arms were jello by this point! But finished! Only took about 30mins! Lol πŸ™

  27. Gabe Ramos

    Squats were not good because im crippled! Got to 315 but stopped cuz my knee hurt!

    I ddnt run for the wod. I rowed. 500 meters instead. Time was 15:38

  28. Christy

    Level 1 squats
    5 @ 65
    5 @ 85
    3 @ 95
    3 @ 105
    1 @ 115
    1 @ 135

    WOD: bum ankle so I had to modify this (500m row, 15 pushups, 50russian twists), in the process I learned how to row properly today (still not great at it, but it’s a work in progress). Finished in 24:20

  29. chela

    Back Squat Latter 95×5, 125×5,, 155×3, 185 fail:( Finished the WOD in 26:43 was getting about 25 DU in the 2 minitues allowed. Got 5 pull ups overhand and 6 pull ups underhand using the thin blue spaghetti

  30. DBG

    I like doing back squats and deads, really need to improve on them because I want bigger and stronger legs, equaling more overall strength.
    The stretching in the warmup seems beneficial. Maybe a short run might’ve helped get the blood going before Squats?
    Got 295lbs bs 1.75 times haha level 2, was hoping to do better πŸ™
    Level 2 wod 12:30. Thank you for the help on the run Brenden, hopefully I can pick that up soon. Thank you Marcos for the help with the handstand push-ups, felt I made some improvements. Was unable to do all rounds unbroken. DU’s went ok, struggled at times but was able to bust out 31 in a row one round.
    Did 16 pull-ups, thanks for the push B, and for tricking me into 16 lol
    11 underhand.

  31. Brynnen

    Got through the squats nicely at the Rx weight. Felt good. Working on keeping my back in-line and not hyperextending.
    Did level 2 for the WOD. Had to substitute 16kg KB push press for the HSPU. Little frustrating with moving backward with HSPU. A year ago I used to be able to do them from at least an Abmat, but now I’m lucky to get 1-2 a all. Finished in 23:41. Today was a mentally challenging day. Felt like external distractions were getting the best of me and I had to really focus to find a rhythm.

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