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General Fitness 01.07.14


General Fitness 01.07.14

Prep Work
3 sets of
5 Clean pulls
5 Muscle cleans
5 Strict press
5 Push jerk
(No more than 75/55)

8 Min EMOM
6 Power Clean and Push jerk 155/115
Rest 4 Min

4 Min EMOM
1 Power Clean+ 2 Split jerks
Rest 2 Min
For this portion start to develop the proper stance for the split, As well as catching the bar in the front rack position

15 Cal Air-dyne Sprint
10 Double unders
2 Rope climbs
3 Rds For time

Cool Down
Mobility of your choice

Please post results to comments.

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  1. Cory Van Tress

    Good workout today. Prep did pipe, bar, 75. First emom first two sets I used 155, had to drop to 135 after the that. Stayed with 135 for the second emom, first time split jerk. Last sprint time was 7:40ish, I think. 1st round did rope climbs but after that my arms were toast, so did the scaled work. Did quite a few double unders, however most weren’t strung together. I was beat after it

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