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General Fitness 01.02.14


General Fitness 01.02.14

Back at it. Normally today would be a non programmed day, but we know that not everyone was able to make it in from 11-1 so here is your workout.

Also some exciting things coming down. The open will be here soon and CrossFit HQ has released some dates (click here) for more info.

Last thing, we will be have a clean and jerk clinic this Saturday from 12-1:30ish please e-mail me if you would like to reserve your spot.


Prep Work
3 Rds of (45/35)
3 Clean pulls
3 Muscle cleans
3 Power cleans
3 push press
3 push jerk
3 Full Clean and jerk

Olympic Lifting

25 Min to establish a max complex

1 power Clean, 1 Front squat,1 Push Jerk, 1Touch-n-go Full Clean to a thruster

10-1 For time:
Jump Stars
Push ups

Cool Down

Please post results to comments.

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  1. Susan Van Tress

    5:08 – loved the star jumps.. felt like I could go all day, BUT I was forced to my knees for 3-1 on the push ups. Upper body strength and endurance needs work. 75# on the complex, still working on the whole “jerk” motion but I think I am getting a little better 🙂 I enjoy cleans.

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