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General Fitness 01.02.15


General Fitness 01.02.15

Come join us this Saturday January, 3 at 8 am. We will be hosting a FREE nutrition class. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn more on how to properly fuel your body.

Also please save the date.

  • Saturday, January 10th, we will be having our 2nd annual in house Winter Throw Down. (for cfr members only). Get signed up at the gym. You wont want to miss this. If you don’t want to compete but can help judge please e-mail

Prep work
2X:30 table top stretch
2X:30 couch stretch
2X:30 soleus stretch

Every 2 min for 14 min 7sets
3 front squats
They should be done all at the heavy sets from Dec 19th

5 Rds
3 heavy snatches
10 burpees
20 wall balls
Time cap 18 min

Cool down
Post results

14 Responses

  1. Jim

    Legs are good and tired between doing front squats yesterday and today’s workouts.
    For the strength part I started at 135# and worked up to 185# for the final 2 rounds.
    During the WOD I subbed Cleans for the Snatches, kinda took it light at 125#, did mostly power cleans though. Got thru all 5 rounds at 16:50. My legs feel like rubber.

  2. BG

    Didn’t make 5am cause I was tired. So I showed to the 6am class and probably should of stayed home.

    Legs were pretty much fired from BS Thursday. Faught throught it.

    Did 185lbs for the whole 14 Minutes. 1st 2 sets felts pretty bad, but then wasn’t bad.

    WOD: Used 95lbs. Was a little slower. 1. I was tired, 2. I wanted to get every snatch.
    Not sure how many rounds I got, didn’t realize that it was only 5 rounds. I thought it was AMRAP In 18 minutes…. My bad. Round 4-5 I did a few extra snatches and thought that I would speed up on burpees and wall balls…. That’s didn’t happen either 🙂 I was a hot mess!!!

    OT: 4 eggs, Chorizo, Beans and Coffee…. ( usually I never have coffee )

    FYI….Massage at 12:30….
    C-Ya Monday

  3. Russian princess

    Oly: 145 for all sets
    WOD 12:30
    @55 for rnds 1-3
    Then @65 for 3-4
    14# wall ball
    Should have gone heavier for snatch.
    Always fun having Malee to work out with!

  4. Vanessa Esquivel

    Strength – Every 2 min for 14 min 7sets
    3 front squats @ 125# for 3 and 130# for 4

    WOD – 14:25
    55# for snatch
    14# wall ball

  5. Tiffany

    Today I worked up to 155lbs for front squat it felt easy today! I did a majority at 155lbs. The WOD I used 85 lbs for snatches the wall balls were with a 14 lbs ball. I started a minute later then everyone else, so my end time for all 5 rounds was 15:42

  6. Eric Dean

    Worked up to 215# on the front squats – form is getting better so it felt pretty easy
    still having some shoulder problems so i only used 65# on the snatches and focused on technique.
    Finished in 13:13

  7. Mandi

    Strength-front squat @145# for all sets.
    WOD 55# for snatch and 14# WB, finished in 14:49. Just tried to keep up with Vanessa because she’s da bomb!

  8. Samm

    140 for front squats, felt real good!

    Didn’t have wall ball nor bumpers fors snatches so I subbed thrusters for wall balls and did KB snatches. Only used 25# for snatches because the left shoulder was way too wiggly for anything heavier! Used 20s for thrusters. Finished at 16:35.

  9. Jeremy Sinnes

    255 pounds for all my front squats. I wanted 275 pounds but my hip was bothering me pretty bad.

    I did the WOD with 95 pounds for my snatches, also lowered my weight due to my hip. Finished in 14:41

  10. Andre M

    Worked up to 195lbs for front squat but the majority of sets where done at 175. For the WOD 95lbs for the snatch, 20lbs wall ball and spiced up the burpees and did them over the bar. I finished in 15:44, not to shabby.

  11. Will Bradford

    so i really wasn’t planning on coming today cause yesterday my body was being sluggish but felt better once i got up and moved around.

    I started off with 185 for the first 3rds and it felt really light and i went up to 205 my know max from last time i did front squats and that was easy as well for the final 4rds but that’s ok it tells me i’m getting stronger and my mobility is only improving.

    started the snatches at 135 and only got 2 and failed then i went down to 125 which was better. I only got 2 rounds and thru 5 wallballs on the 3rd and stopped after that my lower back got super super tired from all the work and i didn’t wanna push thru and end up hurting my back. so thanks to clint i got some good advice and a stretch so it didn’t lock up on me. but next time i do this type of WOD, which was straight dirty btw, i know to go lighter so i can move more effectively.

    sorry for the late posting!!

  12. Tanya GL

    My new years resolution is to post my results. 🙂

    Front squats did 2×135 and 5×155. That is the heaviest I have lifted in a few months. My hip flexor is still bothering me but today it seemed to warm up some after a few rounds. Feeling like it may finally be healing.

    For the WOD I used 80lbs for the snatch and the 14lb wall ball. Finished in 15:32. (Hacked up a lung around 14 mins. My own fault for thinking it’s ok to only work out once a week.)
    That was the best my snatch has felt in a long time too. May have been able to go heavier on the weight but I think that 80lb was a good choice just because this is a lift I have been struggling with mentally lately.

  13. Lindsay Sinnes

    I’m terrible at posting. Here goes…
    Worked up to 135#, stayed with that the entire EMOM

    3 snatches at 55#s
    10 American Swing + Goblet Squat with 26# KB (sub burpees)
    20 wall balls (16#)

    Finished 16:36

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