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General Fitness 01.03.14


General Fitness 01.03.14

Prep Work:

500M Row

Then 2 Rds of :30 Table Top stretch 50′ Duck Walk


WOD For Time:

25 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)

Run 400 Meters/500M row/40 Cal Air-Dyne

20 Wall Ball Shots

Run 400 Meters/500M row/40 Cal Air-Dyne

15 Wall Ball Shots

Rest exactly 4 minutes and then…

Five rounds for time of:

12 Pull-Ups

12 Kettlebell Swings 70/53 Scale Accordingly



Cool Down:

Partner Assisted hip stretch Calf Stretch-Wall 2 Rds :30 Each side/Position

7 Responses

  1. Renate Thompson

    Good workout. 20:51 total time. Used 12 lb wall ball, 35 lb kettlebell.
    I think maybe it’s time to graduate to a 14 lb wall ball and maybe 44 lb kettlebell for american swings???

  2. Cory Van Tress

    20# wallball 8:18. Pull-ups I used a blue band and did strict with a few Kipling pull ups mixed in each set, used 70# kb for AS. Time was 23:30ish. First time using 70# for American swings, twas tough. Back to the serious grind of 5 AM next week.

  3. BG

    These last two days have been great, but painful. Starting to feel better.
    I think that I over did it on the wall balls, cause my back was feeling it.
    WOD 20lb WB plus run. Forgot to keep time.
    53KB and Pull Ups. Again didn’t keep time.
    Coaches have a been very helpful.

  4. Susan Van Tress

    7:01, 14# WB, 21:07, banded pull ups and 35# KB – That was a butt kicker.. those pull ups get my every time… I just keep telling myself it is making me stronger and that helps me push through the pain.. Thursdays will be focused on getting a kip and double unders 😉 This was a great WOD!

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