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General Fitness 01.05.15


General Fitness 01.05.15

****Reminder*** this Saturday will be our second annual In Gym Winter Throwdown, sign up will be closed this Wednesday.

Join us for our 12 week Transformation Challenge (click here)

Prep work
2X50′ broad jump
2X30 OVHD banded lat stretch

Build up to a one rep max push press
15 min cap

If you guys are participating in the event on Saturday limit the work to 3 Rds

5 Rds of
1min airdyne ride for calories
15 double KB russian swings
15 wall balls
Rest 1 min

Cool down
Post results

15 Responses

  1. BG

    Monday Monday.!!!
    It was tough to get going. Was thinking of my pregnant wife 🙁

    Push Press:
    Warm Up-
    185X1… Failed the 1st try

  2. BG

    Okay…. Something didn’t work! I just typed a whole page… Grrrrrr!!

    WOD: 5 rounds
    1 minute Airdyne
    15 American Swings ( was be carefull of my back )
    15 Wall Balls.
    1 minute rest 2 fast. Broke up the wall balls. But overall felt good. Airdyne…. Thought that I was move fast, but it could of just been me 🙂
    OT: Worked On Bar Muscle Ups….. Trying to get better.
    Believe it or not…. My January his was to it bar muscle ups and I’ve got 2 so far.!!

  3. El Barbudo

    I’m coming out of comment retirement. I’ll see if I can be better about commenting for 2015. Worked up to 195lbs on the push press. I really enjoyed this WOD (I’d love to do more like this). Used double 36lb KBs and 20lb, went unbroken all 5 rounds and finished at 15:11.

  4. Jim

    Worked up to 165# on the Pushpress failed at 170#, kinda disappointed in that, was really hoping for 175#.
    For the WOD, completed it in 16:59, used 44’s and a 20# ball. As always in the board it didn’t look so bad, but the reality is it kicked my keaster.

  5. Russian Princess

    Worked up to 135#, attempted 140# twice. No go this time around.

    WOD 3 rnds with 44s, 14# wall ball in 8:10. Thanks Tashina for the push! (Cals were 20, 14, 14).

    Worked on stringing T2B together (6×5). Thanks Coach B for the pointers!

  6. Heather

    Worked up to 125. Failed twice at 135 which is sad since I did that a few weeks ago. Owell worked on form.

    Used 36kb / 14# wall ball
    3rds – 9:33 / 61 cal

  7. Jena Uvalle

    First time posting- figure I better start it right 🙂
    NEW year and all 🙂
    this WOD was tough, but fun

    65 push press, blue KB, 15 lb wall ball
    times : 2:48, 6:24, 10:02, 13:55, 17:40
    had trouble with blues KB

  8. Sarah H

    Man…. This is why I don’t post- it always leaves off half what I type- I used blue double KBs and did three out of five sets unbroken- wall balls 5-6 broken up- I was shot after this finished in 20:05-

  9. Vanessa Esquivel

    Today was just one of those days.

    Strength – 1 RM push press

    I attempted 105# like four times and it was just not happening. I wasn’t getting my head through :/ I hit 95#, which is 5# less than my 1RM.


    3 Rds of
    1 min airdyne ride for calories – used Goldie so it didn’t count my cals
    15 double KB russian swings – used 35# KBs
    15 wall balls – 14#
    Rest 1 min
    Total time 10:42

    I’m not sure if it’s that I didn’t have sugar today, that I am barely getting over a cold/flu, that today’s WOD was just tough, a combination thereof, or I’m just making excuses. . . but I was defeated, both mentally and physically today.

  10. Will Bradford

    Good workout today!
    Beat my 1 rep by 35lbs. Old PR was 190 new PR is 225.

    Did 3 rds cause I’m gonna do the competition sat.
    1. 2:40 27 cal
    2. 2:40 14 cal
    3. 3:02 17 cal

  11. Alisha S.

    Strength: Push Press- 100# 1RM. Not too shabby considering I haven’t been at CF for over 10mos and last I maxed on Push Press was 1yr ago and my 1RM was/is 115lbs.

    WOD: 5 Rds, Dbl 18# KB (was gonna use 26# but Marcos said to take it easy since I’m just getting back into it so I figured I should listen for once!

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