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General Fitness 01.07.15


General Fitness 01.07.15

***Reminder*** this Saturday will be our second annual In Gym Winter Throwdown, sign up will be closed this Wednesday. We are not charging anything for this competition, but have come across a opportunity to help out some family friends that are going through some hard times. I know that any donation will help. To donate (click here)

Here is a little write-up.

On Sunday, November 2nd, little Warrior Princess, Kiara, was taken to the hospital where it was discovered that a tumor had formed on her cerebellum.  Kiara was immediately signed up for surgery and one of the biggest battles of her life, brain cancer. 

This battle will be long and it will be costly. Her parents, Keren and Jeremiah, have devoted their lives to helping others. They are self-employed helping people reach their goals and become fulfilled physically and spiritually. They have touched numerous lives with their sound advice and absolute devotion to God.  They are struggling now to find ways to cover medical costs and care for their three children. Now we have the opportunity to bless them and their dear daughter as she fights this terrible disease.” For more information (click here).

Don’t forget our 12 week Transformation Challenge starts next Monday. (click here) for more information.

Prep work
2X10 banded pull aparts
2X10 drinking birds
2X10 leg pumps

5X5 pendlay row-really focus on squeezing your upper back

As far as you can in 15 min-the power clean reps will remain the same but the box jumps and pull ups will increase by 5 reps.
1 power clean
5 box jumps
5 pull up
1 power clean
10 box jumps
10 pull ups
1 power clean
15 box jumps
15 pull ups

If you are competing on Saturday you will switch out the pendlay rows and wod for….
Every 3 min for 18 min (6 sets)
20 double unders
6-10 American swings 53/35
2-5 pull ups
You should have atleast a min of rest if not scale back the reps accordingly

Cool down
Post results

13 Responses

  1. BG

    WOW…. Great program WOD!

    Prep work was good. Like the stretch portion of it.

    5×5 Row:
    5×115….. Tried to focus on form and keeping the back straight and bent with no sag.

    Cleans Were @ 175.. Felt just about right. As the the rounds got longer the cleans felt heavier.
    Pulls Ups were…..
    5 Unbroken
    10 Unbroken
    15 Unbroken
    25….10, 5, 5, 3,2
    35……5,5,2,3,2,3,2,3,2,3,2,3….by the 30’s my hands were fired and starting to peel.
    BOX Jumps….. Pretty much just kept moving. No really format. Did step ups untill the last 15 seconds then did box jumps.
    Actually felt really really good today!!!
    OT: Plank Holds.
    Awesome 5am Crew..!!!

  2. Russian Princess

    Did the de-loading WOD. Got through each round in 50 sec or so, used #35KB. Should have worked on DUs….instead i did 40 SU.

    I definitely had a lot more in the tank left but as Marcos explained, we need to bottle that up for saturday, and i am getting antsy!
    Cool down was handstand challenge and practicing HSPU. I strung 7 of the kipping HSPU together! YAY!!!
    Watched 6am kill it this morning. Good job guys!

  3. jramos1808

    Prep: used 115,115,135,145,155

    Wod: 185# Finished pull-ups on 35s and 15 box jumps.

    my strategy was to just stay slow and consistent on the box jumps but I should have sped them up from the get. Wanted to get into the 40s but missed it.

  4. Brad L.

    For the 5×5 rows, I got up to 115# for the last set.
    WOD: I did 115# for cleans. I got through the 25 reps + 1 clean and 23 box jumps.

  5. Moonie

    5×5 Pendlay Row 75lbs
    WOD: 30’s with 1 clean
    I used 16″box // pull ups with blue band & Ring Rows
    I gotta say. I really like this WOD

  6. Jim

    Didn’t really push myself with the Pendlay Rows, got up to 125#.
    For the WOD my weight for the Clean was 155#, used a 24″ box, and more or less strict pull-ups since I can’t kip. Got thru the round of 25 and did my clean and 10 box jumps on the 30 round. Fun workout today!

  7. Alisha Salinas

    Strength- 5×5 Rows
    5×35, 5×55, 5×65, 5×85, 5×85

    WOD- 85# on Power Clean. 4Rds + 39. Was on set of 25’s- got thru clean & box jumps + 13/25 pull ups.

    OT: Tabata Plank holds

    Great WOD today!! I can get used to this 5am stuff! 😉

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