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General Fitness 01.08.14


General Fitness 01.08.14

Prep Work
3 Rds
10 Double Russian swings
10 Lateral Lunges (5L/5R)
5 Jump Tucks- This is a very different movement for a lot of people would like to see a big extension in the jump and a tight position in the tuck.


10 KB Snatches 5R/5L (focus on catching the bell in a correct grip)
14 Weighted walking lunges Same Bell (any position to hold the bell)

Rest 2 Min

10 Long Cycles 5R/5R (focus on catching the bell in a correct grip)
4 T2B (Scale To K2E or Scale to Knees to armpits)

Rest as needed

Row 3 Min for max calories

Cool Down

Please post results to comments 

7 Responses

  1. Bg

    2 5 minute. AMRAP… Pretty good! Traps are sore from yesterday and today.
    Used 44KB all workout.
    Was working on form.
    WOD 1. 4 rounds + 3 reps
    WOD 2. 5 rounds + 2
    Row 40 calories. Went pretty slow.
    Back is feeling way better.
    Good WOD and good coaching

  2. Andrew

    Thank you to whoever programed today’s WOD, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I used the 35 lb KB, I felt like I could of done the 44lb, but Im still babying my right wrist. 4 rounds plus 10 reps on the first AMRAP, and 5 rounds plus 3 reps on the second AMRAP. 54 cal on the rower.

  3. Renate Thompson

    Really enjoyed the workout today.
    Used 26 lb kettlebell, first AMRAP did 4 rounds + 10, second I did exactly 5 rounds.
    49 calories on the rower.
    PS I did my first kipping pullups today, 2 in a row!! Couldn’t do that a month ago. Toes to bar are coming along as well, thanks for the tips today Coach Brenden!

  4. Irina

    First AMRAMP- 3 rounds+ 4 lunges away from round 4
    Second AMRAMP- 4 rounds- i think i did an actual Toe to bar (or 2) on this one.
    31 cal on airdyne

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