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General Fitness 01.09.15


General Fitness 01.09.15

***Reminder*** this Saturday will be our second annual In Gym Winter Throwdown, sign up will be closed this Wednesday. We are not charging anything for this competition, but have come across an opportunity to help out some family friends that are going through some hard times. I know that any donation will help. To donate (click here).

If your competing or judging on Saturday the doors will open at 8am. Athlete briefing will be at 8:15. Judges brief will be right after the athletes. Competition Starts at 9am. Look forward to watching all of you compete and have some fun.

Don’t forget our 12 week Transformation Challenge starts next Monday. (click here) for more information and to get registered.  You will have an opportunity to win some cool stuff. Don’t miss out. Rumor is a pair of the new Nike MetCon’s will be one of the prizes in the drawing. 

Prep work
2X30 table top stretch
2X30 couch stretch
2X10 PVC pass throughs

15 min to build up to a heavy front squat

3 min max heavy power snatches
Rest 1 min
3 min max push jerk
Rest 1 min
3 min max power clean

****the goal for this workout is to hit consistent sets. For example
My max snatch is 235- I would probably use around 165 and try and hit sets of 3 each time for each lift.

If you are competing this weekend complete the following
2k row &75% effort
3-5rds of
5 wall balls
10 push ups
15 sit-ups

Then mobility
Your goal should be to loosen up and move. You will have a big day on Saturday.

Cool down
Post results


13 Responses

  1. BG

    Happy Friday..!!
    Not sure what is was, but the body and mind we’re feeling great this am!

    PR… PR…. PR.! On Front Squats….235

  2. Alisha Salinas

    Strength- Max Front Squat:
    Progressed to hit my old PR of 135lbs from June 2014. From Feb 2014 – Dec. 2014, June was the only time I’d been back at CFR. It’s been a rough year! But 2015 is going to be great and… today, TODAY I got a NEW PR! Boom! 145lbs!!

    Power Snatch- 5×3, 5 sets of 3 reps at 55#
    Push Jerk- 7×3, 7 sets of 3 reps at 65#
    Power Clean- 9×3, 9 sets of 3 reps at 65#

    1. Alisha Salinas

      I forgot.. I did OT too!!
      OT: Tabata plank hold
      Half Tabata hollow hold (only half because I had to hurry and get going)

  3. Russian Princess

    Mentally hard to take it easy this week. I wanted to front squat so bad. But I listened to Marcos cuz he is suppose to be older and wiser.
    2k row, then 5 rounds of the de loading wod. I AM ANTSY.. FOR MOTHER RUSSIAAAAAAAAAA

    k. im done. happy Blue Friday! GO HAWKS.

    1. BG

      Russia… You are going to do just fine tomorrow. Don’t over think it and remember…. It’s just another day at the box!


  4. Trish

    Front Squats- 115lbs-no PR today
    Power Snatch- 35lbs-21
    Push Jerk-55lbs-24
    Power Clean-75lbs-20
    Stayed light with the snatches worked on form. Tryed to do 3-5reps at a time. Good day!

  5. Jim

    Good day today! I hit a PR on the Front Squat at 210#, felt like I could do more. Happy about this I have been battling back issues for a while and it really hampers squats.
    For the WOD I actually did Power Snatches – they are ok on my shoulder it’s the OVH part that really kills. Snatch was 95#, Push Jerk/ Press 125#, Clean 145#. Broke them all up in strings of 3’s. I was plenty tired at the end, really not sure on how many I did though.

  6. jramos1808

    Front squat: 265 then jumped to 285 for a 5# pr and failed

    WOD: 2k row


    5 wallbals
    10 pushups on 25# DB
    15 situps

    don’t remember time.

  7. Andre M

    PR on my front squat 245 for the WOD 95lbs-cycled 3 reps with a 3 to 5 sec pause. Snatch 20 reps push press 40 reps and clean 28. Not to shabby for a Friday. After I did a slow 500m row did some mobility mainly for my tight shoulders. Good work everybody

  8. Samm

    175# on my FS which is a pr!

    55# for snatches, 21.
    65# for push jerks, I honestly don’t remember how many.
    55# for cleans, got 31.

    Feels good to be back!

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