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General Fitness 01.10.14


General Fitness 01.10.14

Just want to remind everyone that February 1st we will be having our in-house gym competition. We would love for everyone to participate. It will consist of two lifts plus one WOD. This is only open to members and will be workouts that everyone can do. Sign up at the gym. We will start at 9 and will have a potluck afterward. Hope to see you all there.

Prep Work:
2 Rds
10 Drinking birds
10 Leg pumps
10 Partner assisted power swing



20 Min to establish a heavy deadlift
(If the weight feels good, Aim for a new 1RM. If not work on pulling mechanics and aim to get good clean pulls from the ground in a touch-n-go style).



3 rounds
10 Diggers 53/35
10 Box Step ups
400M run (or 500M row)
rest 30 Seconds

Acc Work
Accumulate 1:30 of arm bars on each side weight should be very light and short durations.

Cool Down

Please post your results. 

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  1. Andrew

    Kept the deadlifts light at 245lbs. (Don’t want to be sore for snowboarding this weekend with the fresh snow we’ve been getting) WOD 35lb KBs, run, 8:07.

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