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General Fitness 01.12.15


General Fitness 01.12.15

Prep work:
2X30 table top stretch
2X30 couch stretch
2X30 soleus stretch

Strength: Back Squat
Build up to a heavy 5rep max
We will be using this number for the next few weeks of our training
15 min time cap

500m row
20 box jumps
15 ring rows
Rest 3 min
3 Rds for individual time

5 Rds of
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats for time

Cool down:
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22 Responses

  1. El Barbudo

    Worked up to 5 reps at 275lbs. I finished the first portion of the WOD, but ran out of time to finish the 2nd portion. Didn’t pay attention to the times that I finished each round at, but it was fun.

  2. Jim

    Took it kinda easy with the Back Squats, during the last 2 BS Cycles something popped in my back. Started at 135 and worked up to 195, 195 felt fine, really tried focussing on form.
    For the WOD, I did my rows 1:50 to 1:54, 24″ Box Jump all 3 rounds unbroken, ring rows broke them up in quick sets of 5’s. Only got 1 round of 2nd WOD before time was up, I will finish this tonight at home.

  3. Russian Princess

    185 for 5reps

    4:15, 412, 4:00 20in box jumps.
    Didn’t do the 2nd portion of the wod.
    Fun 9am ladies! Thanks for the push.

  4. Hannah Ramos

    105 lbs for 5 rep back squats.
    Don’t remember the time for the wod but it felt good πŸ™‚ did three rounds of the second wod.

  5. Andrea

    I’m taking things easy as I’m coming back after a hiatus.
    Back squat: kept things light and paid attention to form. Stopped at 75# which felt good.
    WOD: I might be off on my times. Round one 4:14 or possibly 5:14
    Round two 5:11
    Round three 5:14

  6. Rema Imperial

    Back squats build up to 145# then rowed 2:21, 2:20, 2:19 plus 20×3 box jumps and 15×3 ring row.
    5rds: 5pullups,10pushuls and 15air squats time: 6:19

  7. Andre M

    245 for 5 rep max and that’s a pr. 1st WOD average three mins and the 2nd WOD finished in 2 mins flat whoooohoooo good work everybody!!!! Nice start to my week

  8. Vanessa Esquivel

    Strength: Back Squat – worked up to 145# for 5 reps

    WOD modified
    4 rounds of
    2 minutes air dyne w no arms
    20 box step ups because I had no legs after the air dyne
    :30 – :60 of rest in between

  9. Trish

    Worked up to 115lbs for 5reps for the backsquats
    WOD- Used the 16in. Box and jumped all of them! Yay!
    Didn’t get the time for the 1st round
    3rd- 5:15
    Second WOD-
    Used bigger green band for pullups and did pushups from my knees.
    Got 8:10
    Feeling not the greatest but i did all of it and I’m just proud I completed it today. Great workout!

  10. Mandi

    Strength: worked up to 165# for five reps
    WOD finished each round at about 4:15 ish. First round did all box jumps on 20in box, second and third round did 7 step ups, 8 jump…my quads were on fire:)
    Second WOD used small orange band for pull ups and was 10 squats short of finishing 5 rounds before time ran out.

  11. Will Bradford

    strength: 255 for 5 reps i could’ve done more but my legs are still feelin it from saturday
    for the WOD:
    4:21, 4:27, 4:49

  12. Tiffany Carley

    Strength: 205×5 my legs hurt so bad, it was a struggle to get 205. I was disappointed I know I can do more. I think last time we had a 5 rep max I was around 225.
    1st wod: each rd was 6ish. 20 inch box jumps, I really suck at and they scare me a little.
    2nd wod took me almost 10mins. Unassisted pull ups for rds 1-3.
    Used small red band to finsh.
    Managed 3 push ups from my toes every rd and then switched to my knees.
    I felt tired today, but felt good after even my legs. πŸ™‚

  13. T$

    Always enjoy this prep. Back squat- worked up to 195# X 5. Did that twice. I need to drop some weight next time and concentrate on getter deeper. Legs are still tired from Saturday.
    Wod- 4:52, 5:20, 5:07. Not as fast as I’d like but I guess I just need to work on faster jumps and no breaks. πŸ™‚ I didn’t feel this part so much in my legs just whole body tired. May just do step ups but 24 inch box next time.

  14. Teressa

    I was feeling really stiff today and it took me a while to really get warmed up.
    Did 125 lbs for 5 rep, which I know is not my max.

    My first round of the WOD was really sluggish, but the second round went a lot better and I was able to have a quicker and more consistent rowing pace (between 1:50-2:00). First round took me over 5 min, the next two rounds were closer to four minutes. Without fail, I always biff it on box jumps so now I have a good bruise on my shin… but I did not almost fall on my face this time so I call it a win.

    Used one red band for pull-ups for the 2nd WOD. This was tiring, but I felt like I moved throughout pretty fast (although I forgot the look at the time for some reason).

  15. Alisha Salinas

    Back squat: built up to 135×5

    WOD 1: did each round around 5:00-5:30mins. 20 inch box, box jumps (last round I did 7 step ups).

    WOD 2: did two rounds before having to quit due to breaking out in serious hives. No fun!

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