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General Fitness 01.13.14


General Fitness 01.13.14

First off Id like to congratulate Coach B on this weekends performance. Brenden and his teammate Mark Buskas finished 13th among not only some of the best on the region but some of the best in the sport of CrossFit.

On that note the CrossFit Open registration is in a couple of days, hope most of you can participate.


Prep Work

2 sets of
:30 Table top stretch
:30 Calf Stretch
:30 Beat Swing on bar



12 Min EMOM
5 Double KB FS (heavy) even min
Accumulate :25 Hollow hold odd min

Rest 3 Min

A.:15 On :15 Off Airdyne Sprint for 3 Min


  1. 100 Russian Swings for timeFor the 2nd part of the workout you may choose witch ever option you want to accomplish first. Rest as needed then accomplish the other.
    Depending on equipment you may end up having to do Double russian swings. Grab something challenging that you can move safely.


“Very happy with everybodies DL pr’s on Friday, Good job!”


Cool Down
Drinking birds /Leg pumps


7 Responses

  1. Susan Van Tress

    35 KBs EMOM
    60lb KB for Russian Swings 3:46
    forgot to check my cals on airdyne
    Thanks Brenden for convincing me I could go heavier 🙂

  2. Cory Van Tress

    Emom used 53#kbs, held to 25 each round. 100 Russian swings used the 106 or 108 whatever it is, time 4:09, I think. 52 on the airdyne.

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