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General Fitness 01.13.15


General Fitness 01.13.15

The 2015 season begins with the worldwide Open competition. (Click here)

Prep Work
2X10 Walking high kicks
50′ Inch worm push ups
2X10 Jump stars
As fast as possible
12 Weighted walking lunges (Use Dumbbells)
10 Burpees
3 rds
Rest 3 min
15 wall balls
30 Double unders
3 rds
Rest 3 min
8 Dumbbell Hang clean and jerk
5 push ups
3 rds

ACC Work
5X5 Crock rows @3211

Cool Down
1K Row no layback
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7 Responses

  1. Jim

    Well once again I under estimated the workout, on paper it looked pretty innocent -Wrong!! At least for me. I used 45# DBs for the Lunges and the Cleans. For the DU’s I was able to do 2 of the rounds unbroken, the WB’s I used a 20# ball 1st set was unbroken then had to break them up for next 2 rounds. Took me 20:05 total time.
    Did 5 sets of rows with a 55# DB.

  2. T$

    Well this was a fun one. Prep inchworms feeling easier. Used 30# DB for the workout. Lunges felt hard legs feel tired. Finished first part in 3:21.
    Wall balls had to break up into 10/5 on the second and third rounds.
    Last part was able to complete first set unbroken but then had to break cleans next 2 sets into 4’s.
    Used 44#kb for rows felt good.
    Cool down – 1K row felt it in my back but went an easy slow pace just over 6 min.

  3. Christy K.

    For the WOD
    0-3:50 with 30# DBs
    6:50-12:06 with 14# med ball, still struggling with my double unders (and jump-roping in general)
    15:06-17:44 with 20# DBs

    ACC work
    5×5 with 20# DB
    Row without lean back (really challenging to keep myself from leaning!!) 4:36

    Great workout! Tough, but fun!

  4. Vanessa Esquivel

    WOD (modified)

    12 Weighted lunges (1 – 35# KB)
    20 sit ups
    3 rds
    0:00 – 3:43
    Rest 3 min

    15 goblet squats w 44# KB
    30 Double unders
    3 rds
    6:43 – 11:23
    Rest 3 min

    12 weighted lunges (1 – 44# KB)
    20 sit ups
    3 rds
    14:23 – 18: 06

    Cool Down
    100 cals on air dyne

  5. Susana

    Finished Wod at 16:59, I think…..I didn’t write down my times for each wod.
    I used 45 dumb bells for lunges….
    I kept with singles for jump rope cuz I wanted the cardio… Du would have taken me longer…
    Started out with 35 pound kb for cleans. I dropped down to 25 pounds after 1.5 rounds, wanted to go unbroken.

    Used 45 pound DB for croc rows…. The left side got hard towards end.

  6. Teressa

    This WOD was fun! In the painful, miserable kind of way. It just never seemed to end.

    Round 1: 3:19
    Used 25b DB for walking lunges + 10 burpees

    Round 2: 7:31
    14lb wallball and jump rope: really want to get my doubleunders! Did 30 DUs the first round, definitely NOT unbroken, there were a lot of singles in between. Maybe every third jump was a double under. I think I did 3 in a row once. It took me a while… Did about 15 the next round and then did straight singles the third round.

    Round 3: 3:50
    Used 25lb DB for cleans + push ups. This felt good, heavy enough to be slightly challenging but doable.

    Used 25b DB for 5×5 croc rows
    1000k row without lay back- at first this was weird but then I got really into it and it was fun, I liked the rhythm of it.

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