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General Fitness 01.14.14


General Fitness 01.14.14

Prep Work

3 sets of

10 walking lunges
30 Single Skip jump ropes
10 wall balls


4 Rds of
500 M row or 400/run
2o Double Unders
15 DB KB push press
rest 2 min

ACC Work
3X10 Ring rows

Cool Down

5 Responses

  1. Irina

    used 18lb KB only for round 2, the rest were 26lb.

    Also climbed the rope today because I wanted to. One more thing checked off the list. Shout out to Andy for showing me.
    Good work out today.

  2. I looked at the clock as I finished (did this WOD during Thursday open gym) but the time did not actually register. Pretty slow though because I am working on those $&#(*&@ double unders! I counted attempts rather than only successful doubles because otherwise it would have been all day. Little pink KBs because for some reason everything felt just wicked heavy today.

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