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General Fitness 01.14.15


General Fitness 01.14.15

Prep work
3 Rds
5 snatch grip RDL’s
5 muscle snatch
5 ohs

7 sets to build up to a max on the complex
1 Snatch grip deadlift+hang snatch+ snatch( both snatches are full squat, and it is fine to drop in between )

12 min amrap
3 snatches (heavy)
10 burpees over the bar
15 wall balls

Cretus athletes
1k row@75%
3-5 Rds
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats
The goal is to just get a sweat and to move

Cool down
Post results

4 Responses

  1. Jim

    I’m going to be honest, when I saw the WOD last night I was really not wanting to come today, afterall we did Burpee’s and Wall Balls yesterday and I really didn’t want to do them 2 days in a row! But I have a goal and would fail if I chose to skip out.
    Strength I subbed Cleans I got up to 145#, I really didn’t push too hard.
    For the WOD I kept 145# on the Bar and did Full Cleans and 20# Ball I only got thru 3 full rounds plus 2 full cleans and 1 power clean. Also rowed 1000m, thanks Monica for the push on the row!

  2. Ana

    I also did cleans because I have an injury/strain in my arm. WOD, 75 lbs, 4 rounds plus 3 cleans, #14 lb, I thought my lungs were going to explode!

  3. Teressa

    This was another fun one (the painful kind of fun)…

    Built up to 75lbs on the complex: 1 Snatch grip deadlift+hang snatch+ snatch. My snatch was a little off at first, but I got it under control after a few rounds.

    For the WOD used 65lbs for snatches and 14lb wallball. The gym was pretty crowded so we just did burpees next to the bar since Christy and I were sharing the bar and there were people everywhere. I was kind of amazed that I could still do the snatches because the wallballs and burpees were so exhausting!

    I think I did 4 rounds plus 3 snatches. A VERY long 12 minutes.

    Used my new lifting shoes today for the first time though! I like them!!

  4. Samm

    I had so much fun with this one! Talked Stephanie and Monica into doing it with me at Anytime!

    Didn’t get to do the Oly work! But the sweaty little 12 minute I did 4 full rounds plus 4 burpees

    Subbed heavy snatches for 3 each arm, single arm KB snatches with 25s
    12 lb ball is the heaviest they have, tossed it up higher!

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