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General Fitness 01.16.15


General Fitness 01.16.15

The 2015 season begins with the worldwide Open competition. (Click here)

Prep work
50′ inch worm push up
2X10 drinking birds
2X10 leg pumps

Establish 1rm dead lift
20 min to build to a heavy rep

Hang power cleans 135/95
Pull ups

Cool down
Post results

12 Responses

  1. Samm

    4 am wake up call to get some deadlifts in before work this morn!

    205 for a PR

    Only had 10 min leftover after so did a few sets of hang cleans at 95# which felt heavyyyyyyyyy and assisted pull ups! Good to get a little sweat going to start the day.

  2. Drew A

    385 DL (PR)
    7:16 WOD
    Grip was smoked for WOD so I had to break up sets more than I would have liked. PR on DL felt good though.

  3. Susana

    Strength: worked up to 225 pounds.. Haven’t done deadlift in a while, my last 1 max rep was 235 so i wasn’t too far off.

    Wod: used the 95 pounds for hang power clean… Felt good! Finished in 10:2

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